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Anarchy in California

Anarchy in California

Liberals do not believe in laws. If they disagree with a law, they have a novel solution. They simply ignore it.
In the city of Los Angeles we are seeing the latest example of this.
What is going on?
California passed a law a little while back. If you are an illegal alien and the cops stop you, they will impound your car. Technically the law says if you are driving without a valid driver’s license, then they impound your car.
The city of Los Angeles, ever diligent to make certain their city is safe for illegal aliens, has announced it will simply not enforce the law.
The politically correct Los Angeles Police Department said most of those impacted are low income workers and it would not be fair to them. The costs for getting a car out of impound are quite steep in Los Angeles and according to the LAPD it unfairly deprives illegals of their ability to make a living.
What the hell?
Is it fair to the American who loses their job or who cannot get a job because the job is being filled by an illegal alien, willing to work for less money or even work under the table.
The AAA did a study last year and found that unlicensed drivers, which overwhelmingly means illegal aliens who cannot get a license, were five times more likely to be involved in accidents and flee the scene of accidents when they were involved.
Los Angeles, which has long been a sanctuary city, is simply pandering to illegal aliens.
Here is a novel idea. Why don’t we start enforcing our immigration laws and this will solve the problem. Every year, many Americans die because illegal aliens are driving on the streets and because of their poor driving abilities, they hit and kill Americans.
Is it asking the government too much to enforce our laws and protect Americans?
With the Obama Regime, it is.
Illegal alien advocates are whining, saying that this problem would be solved if we just gave illegal aliens driver’s licenses.
Of course, the illegal alien advocates want us to just erase the borders, grant amnesty and let the illegals pillage America.
Hopefully we will end up with a new President in 2013 who will think Americans deserve protection and stop persecuting American states that want to protect their citizens against the invasion of illegal aliens.

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