I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

You Knew It Was Coming

You Knew It Was Coming…

As soon as I found out that Dick Cheney had received a heart transplant, I knew the barrage of hatred that would be directed his way.  I knew there would be nasty comments all over the blogs and tabloids (NYT’s) that they wished he would just die, etc.  This morning one of the very first stories I heard on one of the mainstream blather shows (husband had it on), was whether he, at 71 should have gotten a heart transplant at all, and who DID NOT get a heart transplant that was younger, and in their biased opinion, perhaps MORE DESERVING of one?  They did say that he has waited about 2 years for his heart, while the typical wait is about 6 mos.  But then they went on to say that he has had heart problems since he was in his 30’s, as if to say, he’s flawed anyway.

Can you imagine that question being asked if it were say, Hillary or Bill Clinton?  What about Barack Obama?   Teddy Kennedy?   To the left, life should ONLY be preserved if it is one of their ideological heroes.  As I recall, Teddy Kennedy was receiving treatment right up until his death.  Why did no one say, why waste your time on him?  He’s old, after all.  No, they want to keep their heroes ALIVE as long as possible.  Even when they finally croak they drag them around in effigy like a bad “Weekend At Bernies” rerun, and use their carcasses to further their unAmerican causes.

This, my friends, is what socialized medicine, with a partial board of people, or even in some cases, ONE person, deciding your fate.  Under Obamacare, if someone just doesn’t like what you believe in, or stand for, it’s off with your head.  If Obamacare were being implemented right now, I have NO DOUBT that Cheney would not have received a heart transplant.  Not now, and not ever.  He’s too old.  And they don’t like him.  Think about that for a long while.

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