I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

As we all know, liberals are hypocrites.  They have screamed to high heaven about Rush Limbaugh calling Sandra Fluke a slut but when conservative women are attacked in sexist ways, the professional left is silent.

There is one conservative woman who has been viciously attacked by the left and she is someone you need to know about.

She is Rebecca Kleefisch, the Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin.

The left wing lunatics have viciously attacked her and of course, the professional Feminazis said nothing in her defense.  A sick radio talk show host said that Kleefisch performed oral sex on the talk show hosts in Milwaukee.  Then he said she “pulled a train.”  For those of you not familiar with that expression, it means a woman having sex with multiple male partners at the same time.  (That was a new one for me too.)

Kleefisch was elected Lieutenant Governor when Scott Walker was elected Governor.  The left has made war on one of the most successful Governors in America because he has taken apart the liberal establishment in Wisconsin.

Since becoming Lieutenant Governor, Rebecca Kleefisch has concentrated primarily on bringing new business to Wisconsin.  That is a pretty good idea since we are in the middle of the Great Obama Depression.

However, the left has gone after Scott Walker, seeking to have him recalled and they are seeking to have Rebecca Kleefisch recalled as well.

Rebecca Kleefisch is a successful businesswoman, former TV news anchor and cancer survivor.  If the left has their way, she will be the next head on their trophy wall.

Scott Walker is getting a lot of help from the Republican Party.  He is a rising star in the party and losing the Governorship in Wisconsin to a recall would be a huge blow to the Republicans.

Unfortunately, the GOP is not showering nearly as much attention and money on Rebecca Kleefisch.  We the people need to pick up the slack.

As of now, the recall election seeking to have her removed from office is scheduled for June 5th.  She needs your help.

Her website is here.  Contact her and offer her not only your best wishes but see what you can do to help her.

Rebecca Kleefisch has been savaged as only the left can do when it goes after a woman.  In liberal land, conservative women are not allowed and their life must be made so unpleasant that no other conservative woman ever thinks of running for office again.


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