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Obama Regime’s Department of Justice is corrupt.

Crime Alert: Liberal not indicted

It should come as no shock to anyone that the Obama Regime’s Department of Justice is corrupt.  The words, “Equal Justice Under The Law” adorns the Supreme Court building in Washington.   Yet if you are a friend of the administration, you can expect some better than equal justice.

The story of one liberal proves it.

Who is the liberal and why is he not indicted yet?

The liberal is Jon Corzine.  Why he is not indicted yet is a mystery whose answer is known only to Barack Obama and Eric Holder.

Jon Corzine was the Democrat governor of New Jersey and a United States Senator.   After leaving politics, Corzine became the head of MF Global, where his reckless actions caused that company to collapse. 

Not only did the company collapse, costing 3200 people their jobs, $1.2 billion dollars in client funds are missing.   As reported in Rolling Stone in April, “nobody disputes the fact that MF Global officials dipped into customer accounts and took … customer money.”

The last guy who did that was named Bernie Madoff and he is currently serving a 150-year sentence. 

Why hasn’t Corzine been indicted yet?

Corzine was still, as of a few weeks ago, bundling money for Barack Obama’s campaign. 


Could that be the answer right there?   If you are one of Barack Obama’s bundlers, then you get a free pass.

Welcome to third world justice.   This is justice based on who you know and who you pay off.  This is no longer justice based on the rule of law.

Interestingly enough, the media has been almost totally silent on Jon Corzine.  While the media is very interested in Romney’s Mormon faith or his connections with Donald Trump or Donald Trump’s views on Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

Why is the media not interested in one of the largest financial collapses in Wall Street history?  Why is the media not interested in the fact that after the collapse of MF Global and the disappearance of over $1 billion dollars in customer funds, Jon Corzine was still bundling for Barack Obama?  Do you think the media has any interest in demanding that Obama return the contributions Corzine bundled for him?

How about the most important question of all?  Why hasn’t Jon Corzine been indicted?

Do you think the media might take the time to ask about a $1 billion dollar theft?

The drive by media is dying.  There is a reason for that.  No one trusts them.  If Jon Corzine had been a Republican and had been bundling for Mitt Romney, does anyone doubt this would be headline news?  Does anyone doubt that Romney would be expected to return all of his contributions, denounce Corzine and apologize for even knowing him?

There are media double standards and if you are a liberal, the media has no interest in asking the question, “Did you steal over one billion dollars?”  They do not want to ask Corzine, “What happened to that money?”   For liberals, there are no ambush interviews.  And for liberals, reporters are not going to the Department of Justice asking when will there be an indictment and when will there be an arrest.

For John Corzine, as long as Barack Obama is still President, apparently he has nothing to fear from the law.

Shame on Forida

Florida Teen Being Punished for Trying to Defend Mentally-Challenged Student From Bullies

by America Live Posted in: Bullies, Bullying, Florida, Megyn Kelly, Stormy Rich, Umatilla

Stormy Rich, a Florida honor student, is being punished for trying to protect a mentally-challenged student from bullies. The 18-year-old says that she had seen a girl getting bullied on the bus for months and had reported it to school officials to no avail.

Rich is a high school senior who is able to ride the middle school bus because she doesn’t have a first period class. It’s during these bus rides that she saw a number of middle school girls targeting one girl.

Rich said, “They would just be mean to her, tell her she couldn’t sit in certain spots on the bus. They were giving her food that they had put in their mouths.”

When the bus driver and school officials both failed to act to prevent the bullying, Rich took matters into her own hands, threatening the bullies to stop. The middle school girls then went to the school and told on Rich, and she was kicked off the bus permanently.

The school says that Rich displayed bullying behavior herself and that two wrongs don’t make a right. The school also says that the mentally challenged girl never complained about being bullied, to which Rich said, “What kid that’s bullied goes and tells somebody? What kid? They want to have friends.”

She questioned, “I was sticking up for somebody. Why would you get in trouble for doing that? I never want this to happen to anybody else. I mean, I know we can’t save the world, but at least we can try to help people that go to Umatilla.”

As a mother, Megyn Kelly said that the courage displayed by Rich is exactly what she’d like to see in her own kids. Kelly said, “You know what, Stormy? I hope you enjoy your college education. You’re already a lot smarter than most people who go to college, and when you are done, if you need a job, contact me.”

Obama & ABC News Lying Still

ABC recycling phony Obama Auschwitz claim

Writing at ABC News this Monday, in an article entitled Vying for Commander-In-Chief: Two Men Who Never Served, Mat Negrin states:

Obama, for example, is related to a number of veterans, including an uncle who helped free Holocaust survivors from Auschwitz.

This outrageously ignorant 2008 statement, made by Obama himself, was debunked and even reported as deeply flawed by the Washington Post because (for those of you who took “feel good History”) the Soviet Army liberated Auschwitz hundreds of miles east of where American forces marched in Europe by the end of World War II. 

Linkedin‘s biography of Mr. Negrin says he was a journalism major and “survived eight internships” at various major news organizations, including one at the New York Times. This appears to be a nice way of saying that seven news organizations were not that impressed with him.  I will admit to some envy of Mr. Negrin’s youth in this next statement: in his Linkedin photo, Mat Negrin appears too young to shave.

Yet how did the editors at ABC News not know enough to keep from embarrassing themselves in 2012 with this “Obama’s uncle liberated Auschwitz” story? The 2008 Washington Post article included the YouTube video of Obama making this claim in New Mexico.

I guess that’s proof enough for ABC: The Obamessiah said it, so it must be gospel. One is almost surprised that ABC’s website doesn’t write quotations of Pres. Obama in red letters.

Years ago, Western newspapers used to make fun of a Pravda claim that the Soviet Union invented baseball. What we see now repeated at ABC is a lie of the same order of fantasy. What’s next? Negrin and his editors at ABC claiming Obama shot a perfect golf game of 18 holes in one? Although with all the time Obama spends on the links, that’s almost believable.

Obama’s Liberal Thug Tactics

Breaking News: Conservative blogger arrested in Maryland

Over the past few days, many conservative bloggers have been blogging about Brett Kimberlin.  Kimberlin is a liberal financed activist, convicted felon and bomber, who has been using the legal system to attack anyone who dares to talk about his background.  Several of those who have been critical of Kimberlin have become the victims of “swatting.”  Swatting is where someone calls in on either a blocked number or manages to spoof the real number of someone and says something like, “I just killed my wife.”  The police arrive, guns drawn and it is a very dangerous situation.

One of the critics of Kimberlin is conservative blogger and Virginia attorney Aaron Walker.  Kimberlin filed for a Peace bond against Walker, claiming Walker had threatened him. 

Today in Maryland there was a hearing on the Peace Bond.  Walker has blogged extensively about what it is like to be the target of Kimberlin and what he has been through. 

Today a judge ruled that blogging, an activity protected by the First Amendment, violated the peace bond and took Aaron Walker to jail.

The latest reports we have are that Walker is in custody but will be released later.  While the details are scarce, presumably he will be allowed to appeal the decision of the judge and will be released pending that appeal. 

This is an absolute miscarriage of justice and we must not be silent on this. 

Aaron Walker’s blog is Allergic to bull.

Our friend Ali K. Akbar is following the story on the ground.  You can follow his twitter feed @ali.  Lee Stranahan is also following this on the ground and providing information via twitter. @Stranahan.

If you want to help the bloggers targeted by Kimberlin, Michelle Malkin has a good list of to do items, which were written before Aaron Walker was incarcerated today. 

Tell everyone what is going on with Aaron Walker.  We cannot be silent while liberal thugs silence conservative bloggers.

If we are silent now, we will soon never be able to speak again.

Obama’s “Chicago Thug Way” Invades Wisconsin

Obama’s “Chicago Thug Way” Invades Wisconsin

As Chairman of The Campaign To Defeat Barack Obama, I just returned back home to Florida from Wisconsin which is ground zero in the battle to stop Obama’s ruination of America. Like locust, Obama minions have swarmed the state of Wisconsin, devouring all who dare oppose their recall of Gov. Scott Walker for his efforts to restore his state to fiscal sanity. Obama minions organized mob protesters to storm the State Capitol.Death threats have been made against Gov. Walker, the Lieutenant Governor and their families.

Still, Gov. Walker has hung tough and is leading in the polls. This has forced Team Obama to spend more millions and send in the big guns: DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is headed to Wisconsin.

During my visits to cities across Wisconsin, I have chatted with numerous patriots who are elated and extremely grateful to Gov. Walker for displaying remarkable courage — fighting back the forces of evil to keep his campaign promise to implement responsible budget reforms.

On this latest trip to La Crosse, Wisconsin, I heard a very disturbing tale from an 80-year-old businesswoman. For her safety, I will refer to her as Patriot Sue rather than using her real name. Patriot Sue’s family business has been successful and highly respected since the 50s. But Patriot Sue wrote a local letter-to-the-editor in defense of Gov. Walker’s reforms, and all “heck” broke loose – from false accusations in the media that she mistreats employees to threats against her and her family.

Patriot Sue expressed to me her frustration that some people do not understand how recalling Gov. Walker would negatively impact their pocketbooks.

I guess you cannot run a successful family business for over 50 years without having backbone. Though physically moving a little slow, Patriot Sue still has the spitfire of an 18 year old and the heart of a lion. She financially supports the defeat of the recall and still boldly speaks out in defense of Gov. Walker’s reforms. You simply to do not tell this woman what she can or cannot do.

But folks, what I find most disturbing is that we have “presidential thugs”, in essence, emotionally threatening, and with threat of physically beating, an 80 year old woman and her family.

What am I saying? I am saying it is all about Obama. Leadership flows from the top down. The late Mary Kay said, “The speed of the leader is the speed of the gang.” Mary Kay’s leadership and philosophy of God first, family second and Mary Kay Cosmetics third continue to inspire her army of successful businesswomen.

The Obama administration emits a distinct “Chicago Thug” vibe. In response to any and all opposition to Obama’s socialistic agenda, Obama and his minions have used aggressive terms such as “…we will punch back twice as hard”, “punish our enemies”, get in their faces” and “take the SOBs out!” …to name just a few.

Obama minions include the New Black Panthers and SEIU thugs who are the enforcers – intimating voters and physically beating up black conservatives who dare be on the wrong side of Obama’s agenda.

Team Obama is using Chicago-style bullying to award Obama an undeserved second term despite half the country on food stamps, the housing market in the tank, unemployment through the roof and sky rocketing energy prices. Yes, four more years of Obama’s liberal-utopia-politically-correct policies is exactly what America needs.

To be re-elected, Obama is relying on class envy via crazy, absurd rants attacking the rich by VP Joe Biden to his dumbed-down base. Obama is relying on Al Sharpton and his “we be black victims gang” to inspire enough hate in the hearts of black Americans to get them to the polls in November. And let us not forget Obama’s on-the-street enforcers such as the New Black Panthers and SEIU thugs.

Obama minions take no prisoners. All are fair game, including a feisty 80-year-old businesswoman who dares to support Gov. Walker.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Chairman – www.CampaignToDefeatObama.com


Mitt Romney–Things You Won’t Hear from the Liberal mainstream media

Here’s some facts about the real Mitt Romney—that you won’t hear from the mainstream liberal media types. 

Mitt Romney—from his “Mitt Romney 2012 Site”:

· After going to both Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School simultaneously, he passed the Michigan bar, but never worked as an attorney.

· As a venture-capitalist, Romney’s first major business deal involved investing in a start-up office supply company with one store in Massachusetts that sold office supplies. That company, called Staples, now has over 2,000 stores and employs over 90,000 people.

· Romney or his company Bain Capital (using what became known as the “Bain Way”) would go on to perform the same kinds of business miracles again and again, with companies like Domino’s, Sealy, Brookstone, Weather Channel, Burger King, Warner Music Group, Dollarama, Home Depot Supply, and many others.

· Got your calculators handy? Let’s recap.

· Volunteer campaign worker for his dad’s gubernatorial campaign 1 year.

· Unpaid intern in Governor’s office 8 years.

· Mormon missionary in Paris 2 years.

· Unpaid bishop and stake president for his church 10 years. No salary as president of the Olympics 3 years.

· No salary as MA governor 4 years.

· That’s a grand total of 28 years of unpaid service to his country, his community and his church.

Why? Because that’s the kind of man Mitt Romney is.

And you know what? He’ll show you his:

· Un-doctored Birth Certificate!

· College transcripts!

· Law degree!

· Isn’t it time for a REAL CHANGE?

· A brighter HOPE for America.

· Forget downing the opposition

· Raise up the new president-to-be

· The winner in November, 2012!

· Mitt Romney – American by birth!


Only In America

> 1) Only in America could politicians talk about the greed of the rich at a $35,000 a plate campaign fund raising event.
> 2) Only in America could people claim that the government still discriminates against black Americans when we have a black President, a black Attorney General, and roughly 18% of the federal workforce is black. 12% of the population is black.
> 3) Only in America could we have had the two people most responsible for our tax code, Timothy Geithner, the head of the Treasury Department and Charles Rangel who once ran the Ways and Means Committee, BOTH turn out to be tax cheats who are in favor of higher taxes.
> 4) Only in America can we have terrorists kill people in the name of Allah and have the media primarily react by fretting that Muslims might be harmed by the backlash.
> 5) Only in America would we make people who want to legally become American citizens wait for years in their home countries and pay tens of thousands of dollars for the privilege while we discuss letting anyone who sneaks into the country illegally just become American citizens.
> 6) Only in America could the people who believe in balancing the budget and sticking by the country’s Constitution be thought of as “extremists.”
> 7) Only in America could you need to present a driver’s license to cash a check or buy alcohol, but not to vote.
> 8) Only in America could people demand the government investigate whether oil companies are gouging the public because the price of gas went up when the return on equity invested in a major U.S. oil company (Marathon Oil) is less than half of a company making tennis shoes (Nike).
> 9) Only in America could the government collect more tax dollars from the people than any nation in recorded history, still spend a trillion dollars more than it has per year for total spending of $7 million PER MINUTE,and complain that it doesn’t have nearly enough money.
> 10) Only in America could the rich people who pay 86% of all income taxes be accused of not paying their “fair share” by people who don’t pay any income taxes at all.

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