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Shame on Forida

Florida Teen Being Punished for Trying to Defend Mentally-Challenged Student From Bullies

by America Live Posted in: Bullies, Bullying, Florida, Megyn Kelly, Stormy Rich, Umatilla

Stormy Rich, a Florida honor student, is being punished for trying to protect a mentally-challenged student from bullies. The 18-year-old says that she had seen a girl getting bullied on the bus for months and had reported it to school officials to no avail.

Rich is a high school senior who is able to ride the middle school bus because she doesn’t have a first period class. It’s during these bus rides that she saw a number of middle school girls targeting one girl.

Rich said, “They would just be mean to her, tell her she couldn’t sit in certain spots on the bus. They were giving her food that they had put in their mouths.”

When the bus driver and school officials both failed to act to prevent the bullying, Rich took matters into her own hands, threatening the bullies to stop. The middle school girls then went to the school and told on Rich, and she was kicked off the bus permanently.

The school says that Rich displayed bullying behavior herself and that two wrongs don’t make a right. The school also says that the mentally challenged girl never complained about being bullied, to which Rich said, “What kid that’s bullied goes and tells somebody? What kid? They want to have friends.”

She questioned, “I was sticking up for somebody. Why would you get in trouble for doing that? I never want this to happen to anybody else. I mean, I know we can’t save the world, but at least we can try to help people that go to Umatilla.”

As a mother, Megyn Kelly said that the courage displayed by Rich is exactly what she’d like to see in her own kids. Kelly said, “You know what, Stormy? I hope you enjoy your college education. You’re already a lot smarter than most people who go to college, and when you are done, if you need a job, contact me.”


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