I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

Botox Barbie strikes again.

Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy on Fox News last night called former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “mind numbingly stupid.”

He has a gift for understatement.

However, Botox Barbie has struck again, taking her intellect to an even lower level.  Which is more shocking?  What she said or the fact that she was at one time second in the line of succession to the Presidency?

This time, taking her stupidity to previously unknown depths, she said that Barack Obama should simply declare the debt ceiling to be unconstitutional and bypass Congress to eliminate the debt ceiling all together.

Is this a winning the future moment?

Actually this is a pretty alarming declaration on several fronts.

First, someone needs to inform Botox Barbie that it is the Supreme Court and not the narcissist in chief who is the arbiter of what is and is not constitutional. 

Pelosi is an idiot who wants to spend America into bankruptcy.  She is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, which should be a warning to anyone that she is not a candidate for Mensa membership. 

The really horrifying part of this is that Pelosi is essentially suggesting that Obama rule by decree.

There is nothing in the Constitution that authorizes Obama or any President to change the debt ceiling.  The debt ceiling is a creation of Congress, which could in theory abolish it.  But that is up to Congress, not the narcissist in chief. 

The fact that Nancy Pelosi does not know the limits of the President’s power is unbelievable and the fact she would want to basically erase the constraints on a President’s power is beyond alarming.

If Barack Obama is reelected, what is to stop him from doing something like that?

If Barack Obama is reelected, I will go out on a limb and predict he will try to do just that.  If disaster strikes and the Party of Treason retains control of the Senate, we will be forced to rely on John Boehner to protect us against Obama’s burgeoning desire to be a dictator.

In other words, if that happens, we are really screwed. 

Both Obama and Pelosi believe the Constitution is simply some writing on an old piece of paper and it means nothing to them.

Obama has said himself he wishes he could act on his own without having to worry about Congress or the Supreme Court. 

Any man who wants that kind of power should never be allowed near the Oval Office.

For the survival of America, Barack Obama must be defeated in November. 


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