I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

The creepy factor just went through the roof

No, this blog post is not about convicted pedophile and child rapist Jerry Sandusky, who will thankfully rot in a prison cell for the rest of his life. 

Yesterday, an even creepier occurrence happened.   While some people simply mocked what they saw, and with good reason, thinking about it is more than enough to really peg the creepy meter.

What was it?

It was the suggestion from the Obama campaign that people who are getting married, having birthdays or almost any other major event, tell their loved ones to send contributions to his reelection campaign in lieu of a gift.

That’s right, the Obama reelection team has put together an Obama event page where people can register and get their family and friends to send contributions to his campaign instead of purchasing wedding gifts for newlywed couples and newborn babies.

What kind of narcissistic nut tells people to tell their wedding guests to give the money they would spend on them, on him instead?

What is next?  Preprinted text for funeral announcements that says, “In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be sent to the Obama ego fund?  Oops, I mean the Obama reelection fund.”

Will this work, despite the derision that has followed it online?

Who knows?

What does it say about someone who thinks that asking people to forego the gifts from major milestones in their life, just for him?

Somehow the words “Dear Leader” come to mind.

We conservatives joke about Obama being a narcissist, but really.  Would George Bush have asked for something like that?  How about Bill Clinton?  Or Ronald Reagan?

Jokes aside, those under thirty should be really offended by Obama’s narcissism.  Wedding gifts are mostly given for those who are under 30 who are getting married for the first time.   These are the people who have been hit the hardest by the Great Obama Depression.  One half of college graduates do not have jobs.  Compare that to 2006, when 90% of college graduates had jobs. 

Many young people are not going to be able to start their lives together because they simply cannot afford it.  They are still living with their parents because thanks to the Great Obama Depression, they cannot find jobs.

Thanks to Obama’s Party of Treason and the policies they perused, many of these young people, even if they have jobs cannot go after the American dream of home ownership for years, perhaps not ever. 

Does Obama really expect people to give their wedding gifts to him?

For what purpose?  So he can be reelected and have more expensive vacations?  Should a newlywed give up their wedding presents so Obama can play another round of golf?  Should someone forego their anniversary presents so Obama can blame Bush for his failures again?

Why don’t we start a new registry for Obama?  That is the moving back to Chicago registry.  Contribute to helping Obama move back to Chicago in January. 

That registry can be found at MittRomney.com.


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