I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

Laura Ingraham@IngrahamAngle

More from VP Biden debate prep session: “Now slow it down, guys! Explain what ‘discretionary’ spending means again?”

Laura Ingraham@IngrahamAngle

Ryan to Obama when attacked on his budget: “Let’s see…whose budget got more votes, yours or mine?”


Laura Ingraham@IngrahamAngle

“Hey guys, before we start, does $15 trillion have 9 or 12 zeroes?” –Joe Biden at his VP debate prep against Ryan.

Laura Ingraham@IngrahamAngle

Just drove by VPOTUS residence. I picture Biden in there hunched over a copy of “The Fed Budget for Dummies.”

Laura Ingraham@IngrahamAngle

Fun tidbit: Paul Ryan is in top physical shape 4rigors of trail bc he

Laura Ingraham@IngrahamAngle

Random thoughts: Romney-Ryan has the best hair of any political team since Kerry-Edwards. Of course, that’s where the comparison ends.

Laura Ingraham@IngrahamAngle

Ten days ago Paul Ryan told me on air that he hadn’t spoken to Pres. Obama in over a year. Heckuva a way to get his attention.

Laura Ingraham@IngrahamAngle

With Paul Ryan as @MittRomney running mate, Obama-Biden now scrambling to understand meaning of phrase “debt-to-GDP-ratio.”

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