I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

Philadelphia is nicknamed the “City of Brotherly Love,” meaning a community that helps one another. One resident has been living up to that nickname by giving lunches to kids in need during the summer. The act of kindness was halted when Angela Prattis was threatened with a $600 dollar per day fine for not clearing the food giveaway with the local government.

Prattis told reporters, “They could be doing a whole lot of other things. We have houses here, roofs are falling, and I mean they could be focused on a lot of more serious issues than me feeding children.”

After emails began to pour in from others supporting Prattis and protesting the government’s decision to fine her, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter decided to stand behind her and now reports are that she will not be fined. However, Prattis still has to pay $1,000 dollars to go in front of the board for a zoning hearing and receive a permit to serve the food.

The Five expressed their disgust with the local government for picking on Prattis for her good deeds. Dana Perino thought Prattis should’ve been given the Key to the City. She also noted, “The thing that struck me when reading this is that ‘another resident alerted the council about the distribution.’ I mean, you would not want to be this person’s friend who alerted the council because she was doing something that was kind.”

Andrea Tantaros pointed out, “This isn’t a neighborhood that’s affluent and some snob calls up and says I don’t want this going on. This is a neighborhood where these kids really need help. The average income is about $19,000 dollars a year. And this woman used to do the giveaways at a local church, but she had a baby, and so now she’s bouncing a baby on one knee and giving away lunches. Can the city give her a pass?”


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