I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

Because God is not a Hit Man for Marxism

Samuel L. Jackson and various other extreme left socialist Democrats have been lamenting the fact that Tropical Storm Isaac completely bypassed the Republican Convention, and instead, made a bee line for New Orleans.

Actress Ellen Barkin expressed her apparently similar wishes, only that a hurricane would kill all the people who disagree with her socialist world views, including pro-lifers, and because independent women who have jobs in a free market economy somehow amount to a “war on women”, despite the fact that 90% of the job losses during the Obama administration have been among women. Hmmm…

That says a lot about her, doesn’t it. If you’re pro-life, God should send a hurricane to kill you? Whew. These kinds of sentiments are stunning and leave me feeling simultaneously dizzy and queasy, yet the apparently violently-inclined hatemongers on the left never cease to express them.

So why haven’t these things happened to the Republicans then?

Could it be because God isn’t a Hit Man for those who have forced-collectivist agendas that go against life, prosperity, individual liberty and the individual pursuit of happiness? All the things that a just God would want us to have?

So in fact, the above sentiments can accurately be characterized as irrational, no, totally insane.

Not only that, but those who wish to play such stupid and childish propaganda games might well consider the fact that, yes, the storm did completely miss the Republican Convention, and it headed straight for New Orleans, which is known to be predominantly a liberal Democratic bastion of collectivism.

Remember, these are people who solidly tend to be Democrat-Socialist on-the-plantation servile types, and I’m not talking race here, but political philosophy that transcends such boundaries.

When Katrina hit New Orleans, massive whining resounded, as the majority of devoted liberal-leaning people there cried out for government to come and save them, and of course it wasn’t fast enough and they blamed Bush ( who else? ) despite a Democrat Governor who had completely dropped the ball on getting them help in time.

Contrast that with some of the most devastating hurricanes in history in Florida, one of which destroyed the Homestead area, but instead of whining and crying for the government, those people were independent enough to pick themselves back up and rebuild.

And then there’s the interesting fact that, after Isaac gets done with New Orleans, it will head up into the heartland that has been so stricken with drought, bringing much-needed rain far north. Could it be that God wants to offer some drought relief to those who have been praying for some rain?

And could He also be sending a message to the Republicans, demonstrating His might, and the fact that they were spared ( sort of like a Passover event ) but they had better stick to solid principles of individual liberty and fiscal sanity now, and work hard to pull this nation back from the edge of the Marxist abyss that Obama and his Democrat-Socialists have brought us to?

So don’t go there Democrats. God is not a Hit Man for whiny crybabies who may have dropped racially-inclined slavery over a century ago, but would now enslave everyone equally under global socialism, and who have a century-old Progressive Socialist agenda that is clearly against life and individual liberty.

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