I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

Obama justice at work.

Obama justice at work.

Can we use the words Obama and justice in the same sentence?  Probably not.  The Obama Regime shows every day the rule of law is a concept that does not apply to them and justice is a joke.  For the Obama regime, justice means just us.

What have they done now?   This will shock, but probably not surprise you. 

According to Breitbart, the Justice Department may be helping the Occupy mob as they try to disrupt the Republican National Convention.  The Department of Justice has a department called the “Community Relations Service,” or CRS.  The mandate of CRS when it was created was to offer facilitation or mediation services for communities in conflict.

Under Obama, it is being used as a political tool.  CRS was used to help shape the message on Trayvon Martin and forcing out a Florida Sheriff.  Now, Breitbart has video of CRS representatives not only conversing with the Occupy mob but also giving them directions to where busses that were pre-staged for them to take them to their next event. 

Great.  Not only is the Occutard movement Astroturf, it is being aided and abetted by the Obama Justice Department.   This is not a shock, since earlier this year, Breitbart and other conservative media reported that the Obama White House ordered government agencies not to enforce rules where the Occutards were squatting on federally protected property.

If we need any other example how the Obama Regime’s Justice Department works, the recent shooting at the Family Research Council is an example of the unequal justice of the Obama Regime.

Yesterday, in Detroit Michigan, Everett Avery pled guilty to a federal hate crime.  His crime was that he struck a man in the face causing a fractured eye socket and other injuries to his face.  Avery thought the man he hit was homosexual. 

Ignoring the important question of why this case was prosecuted in Federal Court instead of Michigan state courts, the Department of Justice decided to prosecute this as a hate crime because the victim was believed to be a homosexual by Avery.

In Washington, Floyd Corkins walked into the Family Research Council in DC.   Corkins was a LGBT activist, who stated that he went into the FRC because he did not like their beliefs.   He had fifteen Chick-Fil-A sandwiches in bags with him and he also had 50 rounds of ammunition.   But for the heroic actions of Leo Johnson, the building manager, there would have been a mass murder. 

The Department of Justice is prosecuting this case as well.  In this case, there is no question about Federal Jurisdiction because the crime occurred in the District of Columbia. 

While there are various charges against Corkins, the one that is obviously missing is hate crimes. 

There are two issues related to the hate crimes indictment.  The first is mostly symbolic.   A bias crime against someone believed to be a homosexual is a priority for the Department of Justice, even though the crime could have just as easily been prosecuted in Michigan by state authorities, while a bias crime against Christians which must be prosecuted by the Federal Government because it happened in DC, is not treated as such. 

The significance of hate crimes charges is they enhance punishment.  Corkins should have been indicted for one count of attempted murder for everyone in the building.  He should be indicted for crimes that if he is convicted of, guarantee a life sentence.  Instead, he is being charged with crimes that will guarantee he will serve a sentence and be released. 

Justice in Obamaland is just like the world of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.”  All are equal. 

Some are just more equal than others.


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