I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

Profits over stupid people

Thursday night, the flat Earth society, otherwise known as Code Pink, tried to disrupt the acceptance speech, as Mitt Romney agreed to try and save the nation and the world from stupid people. 

What did the Code Pink people say?  Here’s a hint, it didn’t involve words longer than two syllables.  More importantly, why are these people so dangerous? 

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.  While Code Pink qualifies for federal protection because their brain cells are on the endangered species list, they are a threat.


The chant the Code Pinkers gave before being shown the door was, “People over profits.”

The first thing you need to know about the Code Pinkers is, like most liberals, they could not find their heads if they were searching for it with both hands, standing in front of a mirror. 

Here’s my take.  How about profits over stupid people?

I like profits. 


Profits are a part of the free market.  The word I really like there is free.   Free as in the word freedom.  

And that is the difference between real Americans and the Code Pinkers. 

There is something you really need to know about the Code Pinkers.  There is a nation they love.  The only problem is, it isn’t America.   They love the old Soviet Union.  They love the old communist Cuba.

Those were the nations that put people over profits.  

That is why most people in the old Soviet Union did not own cars.  It was because the “people over profit” government, which controlled the markets, did not produce nearly enough cars.    They had more important priorities, such as building a military, keeping an empire and giving dissidents an all expense paid vacation to Siberia. 

Perhaps someone should school Medea Benjamin, the founder of Code Pink and one of those tossed from the RNC about profits.

She has founded several non-profits.  People who found non-profits make money, they just call it a salary and an expense report. Does anyone doubt she makes money from these ventures? 

She has written books to get her insane driveling out to the great-unwashed masses.  

Let’s see, how does that work?  She writes a manuscript, which is then purchased by a publisher.  Sounds like there might be a little profit there.  The publisher then sells the book wholesale to book sellers.  Could there be more evil profits there?  Then the bookseller sells the book.  There could be more profit there but honestly who the hell wants to read what that geriatric harpy has to say?

Code Pink has a donate button on their website.  They use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google, and others to share their message.  Do you know what all of those groups have in common?

They are all for profit ventures.

Code Pink also has a donate button on their website.   Why do they need money if profit is so evil?   The people donating are making an evil profit from the work they do.  

Medea Benjamin lives in San Francisco and I’m willing to go out on a limb here and bet she lives in a really nice house in a really nice area of San Francisco.   I’m also willing to go out on a limb and bet that she and her husband drive really nice, though probably hybrid, cars.

After all, the poverty socialism creates is only for the little people.

Intelligent people learn from their mistakes.  Medea Benjamin spent four glorious years in that hellhole we call Cuba.  Maybe she was stoned the entire time, since she said she thought she had died and gone to heaven.  Of course, she was deported from Cuba when she wrote an article critical of the government.  You would think she might learn that socialism sucks because it will tolerate no other opinions.  But no, she is out there cheerleading for other mass murderers like Hugo Chavez and Hamas.

The free market, which is indispensible to freedom, has done more good for more people than anyone else.

The byproducts of the free market are not only profits.  The byproduct of the free market is freedom.   There is a reason why all of these nations with centrally planned economies are not only poor they also have no freedom. 

Karl Marx once said, “Workers of the world, unite.”  The Code Pinkers’ motto is “stupid people of the world unite.”

That is the great failing of liberalism.  They listen to stupid people. 

Fortunately, real Americans are smarter than that.

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