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John Davis was right

John Davis was right.

The Democrats had the first night of their convention last night.   It featured the usual litany of losing liberal ideas.   Most of the discussions were either about their feelings or trashing Mitt Romney.   They did not want to talk about the record of the Obama/Pelosi/Reid axis of fiscal evil.   They also proved that John Davis was right.

Who is John Davis and what was he right about?

John Davis was the Democrat Nominee for President in 1924. 

He realized the far left of his day was taking over his party.  Eight years later, we would see the first socialist President, Franklin Roosevelt come from the Democrats.

Davis said, “When will we get done with the fool idea that the way to make a party grow is to scare away everybody who has an extra dollar in his pocket? God forbid that the Democratic Party should become a mere gathering of the unsuccessful!”

That pretty much sums up the Democratic National Convention:  A gathering of the unsuccessful. 

Julian Castro is a great example.  He ran for Mayor of San Antonio claiming he would bring down crime.  Most crime in the city is up and unsolved murders are skyrocketing.  San Antonio’s schools are rated consistently as among the worst in Texas.

Only a Democrat Convention would pick a mayor who is a complete failure and tout him as the future.

Michelle Obama came to speak.  Despite the fact she tells Americans to eat their vegetables, she and her husband regularly feast on steak that costs $100 a pound. 

Michelle Obama is touted as a success only in a gathering of the unsuccessful.  After a mere four years, she had her law license suspended by Illinois.  The reasons for this have never been explored.

Her career since then has been one of political cronyism. 

Only the Democrats would have someone try to tout a healthcare plan, who was herself the architect of a scheme to help the hospital she worked for get rid of poor patients and bring in more affluent patients who could pay their bills. 

Back then, the American College of Emergency Physicians called it dangerously close to patient dumping.

Michelle Obama begged America to give her husband four more years.


Are we better off now than we were four years ago? 

The answer is no.  In Obama’s almost four years in office, he has incurred more debit than all of the previous 43 Presidents combined.  The last year the Republicans controlled the House and Senate as well as the White House, the deficit was $161 billion.   Barack Obama and the Democrats blow through that in a month.

Barack Obama emulates the policies of socialist Europe.  Want to talk about the unsuccessful countries in Europe?  Greece and Spain are cratering.  Italy and Ireland are not that far behind.

France just decided to raise its income tax rate to 75% and at least one of the political parties wants to raise the income tax to 100% for those with incomes a little over $1 million US dollars.

The result?  The French with any kind of wealth are fleeing.

And the Democrats think this is a good thing.  In America, we are facing Taxageddon on January 1.  This is the massive increase of taxes across the board that will force America further into the Great Obama Depression.

Did you hear a single word about this from the Democrats last night?

No, they truly are the gathering of the unsuccessful.

Clint Eastwood lit up the Republican Convention last week.  To quote Eastwood, “Do you feel lucky?”

Do we feel lucky enough to trust the gathering of the unsuccessful and incompetent to run this nation for four more years?


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