I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

The end of the Democrats as an American Party

The Democrat Convention was supposed to be the big kick off for Obama’s reelection.  By any stretch of the imagination, even despite the cheerleading by the drive by media, this has been a disaster.

This convention may well mark the week that the Democrat Party ceased to be an American party.

Americans have always had certain basic beliefs we all shared.  We were a free people.  Our government was of the people, by the people and for the people.  The government belongs to us and those who work for the government are public servants.  The key word there being servant. 

No more.

Americans have also had a public piety.  We accept God.  No, this is not necessarily the Evangelical God, but it is a Judeo Christian God.  We publicly bow our heads.   We begin our public meetings, including Congress with prayer.  Some of the greatest words uttered by American leaders were prayers. 

Americans were Evangelical, mainstream protestant, Catholic, Orthodox or Jewish, but we accepted the premise of God being a benevolent being who we appealed to in our time of need and offered our gratitude in times of prosperity.

No more.

The Democrats have taken God out of their platform. 

Then they realized they made a mistake.

So they did what Democrats do.  They quickly flip flopped.  But when they put God back into their platform, the far left that controls the Democrat Party went nuts.  They booed. 

Can you imagine?  The Democrats booed God. 

The drive by media is going into emergency overtime trying spin, explain or simply hide this. 

They cannot.

It is on the Internet.  Everyone knows about it.

What does it say about those activists who control the Democrat Party?

They are no longer real Americans. 

They no longer represent the values of real Americans.   In this convention, the Democrats told Archbishop Timothy Dolan they were not interested in having him (though they later had to reverse themselves) but welcomed radical Islamists to hold an Islamic prayer meeting led by a radical who wants the “filthy” American Constitution overthrown and replaced with Sharia law.

They insulted millions of faithful Americans. 

They no longer believe in freedom and liberty.

They believe in the collectivism of communism.  They believe we the people are not a free people, with God-given inalienable rights.  They believe belong to the government.  They believe we are the serfs of this nation.  They believe we the people are the chattels of the government.

The Democrat Party no longer believes in America.

They must be totally defeated and replaced with a Party that does.


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