I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

Wisdom from Twitter

kerry @Kerryepp

Yep! > @LeslieWilliamsz: @BettinaVLA Obama is at war. The sad thing is it’s against America.

Kimberly Rothschild @KimbRothschild

Silly silly Americans that should have known better than to believe anything is free. Silly silly Obama supporters , you will pay plenty .


Obama’s Army: Who Needs Elections When We Have The Mainstream Media?

Kimberly Rothschild @KimbRothschild

Carter taught us that we can survive any president. Obama taught us that Carter wasn’t so bad.

sherry nash@harleypyrate02

If u see an Obama sticker on the car in front of you…”Maintain Your Distance”!Mentally Challenged Aboard!

Paul Combs @PAC43

There’s so much anti-Americanism going on at our Middle East embassies, it almost resembles Democrat rallies

Lori Hendry@Lrihendry

Dear Politicians, the preamble of the Constitution reads,” promote” the general welfare, not “provide” the general welfare.


@NathanHale1775 Obama’s got the women supporters who murder their children!


@HomunculusLoikm Polls of #GOP will always show us happier; we aren’t jealous of or resent other’s success; if we want it, we work for it!

sherry nash@harleypyrate02

@JonathanStein4 @DLoesch Perhaps its come a time that Americans MUST STORM THE MEDIAS FORTRESSES??????

Lara Button@LaraButton

Islamists think Obama is weak with all his apologizing. America is broke bcause of Obama. They look at America as irrelevant. VOTE ROMNEY

Lara Button@LaraButton

Barry Obama wont meet with Netanyahu but he is meeting with Muslim Brotherhood Morsi. Then Oboobis meeting w/JayZ, Beyonce &Letterman show

Greg Howard@GregWHoward

Only Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama have tolerated flags of another nation over our embassies and done nothing

sherry nash@harleypyrate02

Strabge dont you think How Occupy Wall Street has all but disappeared? Whut? Scared of Camels with Fleas and Rocks?

kerry @Kerryepp

Rush: Iran deploys Russian made subs in Gulf, China warns about war with Japan, Libyans wanting to kill us AND Obama is headed to Letterman


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