I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

Is Obama the first “Affirmative Action” President?

The Liberals will go crazy when they see this, but I would simply ask, how many Democrats AND Republicans, Independents voted for the Jr.Senator from Illinois JUST because he classifies himself as an African-American (Black) although his mother was White?

He didn’t do anything exceptional as a Senator, and voted “present” often, I believe intentionally so there would not be much of a record of voting to criticize when he ran for President. He did vote for Partial-birth abortion, and always supported funding of Planned Parenthood.

He seems to have a transparency problem in regard to his past history and activities and when he was elected, no one reeally knew who he was because his school records were “sealed” His Passport and Birth Certificate were “sealed” and no explanation was asked or given as to why he traveled to Indonesia in the middle of his college years, at a time when American Citizens were advised not to travel to that country. His whole campaign, with cooperation from the Mass media had a “Don’t Ask, Don’t tell” theme.

Now we find out, in the last 3 1/2 years that he has refused to secure our Southern borders, and seems to favor letting as many illegal aliens into the country as possible. He has punished the State of Arizona for enforcing Federal Immigration Laws, but has not lead through the Congress on changing the laws. He rules my fiat, Executive Orders, and rules and regulations imposed by Government agencies and their un-elected Secretaries, or CZARS.

And although he promised to Re-set our relationship with Russia, it seems that he has actually formed a closer personal relationship with Putin, and withdrawn missile support from our allies, like Poland. He inadvertantly “whispered” into an open microphone, telling Medved to tell Putin, that he will have “more flexibility” after the Election, even though he has already been quite flexible to bending over backwards to please Putin, even though they vote against U.S. interests regularly, along with China, at the U.N.

He also doesn’t appear to be very fond of one of our Closest allies: Israel, and seems to side with the Palestinians on Middle East issues. Gee, I think MOST Americans do support Israel and are not aligned with the Palestinians. Does the President of the USA actually represent the interests of the USA? Or does he support and promote a more World-wide vision of a New World Order where the USA isn’t an exceptional Country, Military Power, and Leader of the Free World?

He stated prior to the Election that he was “days away from fundamentally transforming America”

Is that what he was elected to do? He also said prior to being elected that “Under his energy policy, the price of energy would necessarily skyrocket” Well, that’s one promise he has kept. Gas prices have more than doubled, Heating fuel is more expensive, he has destroyed the Coal Industry with Regulations, and refused to approve the Keystone pipeline that would supply us with oil from Alaska and create thousands of jobs. He would rather waste millions of taxpayer dollars on Companies like Solyndra!  Unemployment is UP, Food costs are UP, the Moral of the American people is DOWN!

He has traveled to other countries and apologized for us, but I haven’t heard any Apologies coming out of Libya for the murder of our Ambassador, 2 Navy Seals, and a Security Officer. Nor any apologies from Afghanistan for the many killings of our soldiers by the very Afghans we are trying to train to protect their own Country from internal terrorism. And His Administration’s story about a stupid and amateurish video on Youtube being  the reason for the attack on our Consulate in Libya is so ridiculous that NO ONE believes it! And there were no “Spontaneous” demostrations that day in front of our Consulate. The day just “happened” to be Sept.11th, and our flag was being burned and that day “celebrated” by the Muslim Terrorists, and apparently those Muslim Brotherhood “moderate reformers” that Hillary Clinto refers to just couldn’t stop it!

In a few short weeks, we have the opportunity to take another kind of Affirmative Action to re-elect a new President, not because of color of his skin, or his soaring rhetoric, but for the content of his character, and the self-evident way he has lived his life and created prosperity for others! We gave him the chance of a lifetime, and he has been the worst President in MY lifetime, and my 1st vote in a Presidential election was for George McGovern! (Hey! I was just an idealistic youngster!)


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