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Third Presidential Debate

President Grumpypants

The third and final Presidential debate happened last night.   With the final debate over, we run into the last two weeks of the campaign.  Did either side deliver a fatal blow to the other last night?  Will there be a major change?  What one shocking thing can we say about the debate that you probably are not hearing anyplace else?

Last night, Mitt Romney looked like President Romney and Barack Obama looked like President Grumpypants.

Obama looked like a pouting three year old during most of the debate.   He kept interrupting Mitt Romney, speaking over Mitt Romney and just trying keep Romney from getting a word in edgewise.

At the end of the debate, Twitter seemed to explode with comments from people who wanted to hear Romney and were irritated with Obama.

Bob Scheiffer of CBS News was the host.  Having learned the lesson from Candy Crowly, did not interrupt nor did he fact check Mitt Romney.  Though he did interrupt Romney more than Obama.  Perhaps more importantly, he protected Obama by not bringing up the “Fast and furious” scandal.

Barack Obama came in aggressive and he lied.  He lied about Mitt Romney’s statements about the 2008 auto industry bailout.   He lied about not cutting the military budget.  He lied about the budget sequestration, trying to blame that on Congress.

In fact, all of the big lies came from Obama.  These were not obvious lies but if you study body language, they became obvious.   One of the things body language experts will tell you is that when someone is lying, they will tell you one thing, but subconsciously shake their heads no.  When Barack Obama was saying he had Israel’s back and would stand with Israel, he was shaking his head no.  When he said he wanted a strong America, he was shaking his head no.

For those who think that is fantasy, look how Obama has treated Israel and for that matter our allies and America’s military.

Perhaps the most stunning part of the debate was the amount on the time that was spent on domestic financial issues.  This is Romney’s strong suite and arguably, Obama’s weakest.   Why Obama was so willing to spend time on this topic, when foreign affairs is a topic an incumbent President should be able to dominate a challenger is simply stunning.

Is Obama so delusional he thinks economics is his strong suit?

At the end of the day, the issue is going to be who the President is in 2013.

When you have a failed Presidency like Obama’s, the question for the American people becomes, how comfortable are you with the challenger?   Americans have decided they do not like Obama.  The question is, can they trust Mitt Romney?

After the three debates, there is no question Mitt Romney won the debates.

After the debates, Obama remains below 50% in many crucial states.  Obama cannot close the deal.  Everyone in politics knows that 90% of the undecided are going to vote against the incumbent.

The undecided will go for Romney.

Just wait to see the polls in the next few days.  The surge for Romney will accelerate.  This morning Dick Morris predicted that Mitt Romney would win in a landslide.

I don’t always agree with Dick Morris but when I do, he’s right.  Stay tuned my friends.  

This is going to be a Romney landslide.


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