I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

Obama must be defeated!

What we must do

Obama must be defeated in eleven days.  That is not saying anything that we do not already know.   There are a lot of very good reasons why Obama must go.  But there is one reason in particular why Obama must not only go but must be crushed. 

What is this new and overwhelming reason why Obama must go?

All this year, James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has been providing damning video after damning video showing how easy voter fraud is in America.   He even sent someone into a polling place to obtain Eric Holder’s ballot. 

Now in his most recent effort, he sent an under cover operative into the office of Congressman Jim Moran of Virginia.   Moran, as you might guess is a star member of the Party of Treason.   He is one of the most left wing members of Congress and a member of the Congressional Communist Caucus.  Oops, I meant the Congressional Progressive Caucus.   What a pity truth in advertising laws do not apply to Congress.

The undercover operative went into Moran’s office and told them he had a list of 100 people who were not likely to vote, so he wanted to uphold a time honored Democrat tradition of voting early and voting often.

He met with Pat Moran in the campaign, who happens to be the son of Jim Moran.  While Pat Moran encouraged the undercover operative to help with get out the vote activities, he also offered to help the undercover operative forge utility bills.  Virginia has a joke of a voter ID law.  A utility bill, which can be easily forged, is acceptable identification.  The Virginia law was such a joke that Eric Holder did not even bother to challenge it.

Moran offered help saying, “faking the utility bill would be easy enough.”   Then Moran assures the undercover operative that a DNC attorney would represent him if issues came up.

Where do you start with this?

How many examples of voter fraud do we need before we do the obvious?  Every state should require a photo ID for voting.  Don’t give me the lame excuses about some mythical person who might have a problem getting an ID to vote with.  You need a photo ID now days to do anything more complicated than breathing. 

The real issue here is the Democrat Party follows the words of one of their heroes, Joseph Stalin.  The Soviet leader once said, “Its not who votes that counts, but who counts the votes.”   The modern version of Stalin’s dictum is that the Democrats do not have to worry about any election because they can steal the elections.

Election theft is what this is really about.  Democrats stole the 2008 election that put Al Franken in the Senate.  They have stolen other elections and came perilously close to stealing the 2000 election for Al Gore.

Conservatives have to stand up and demand two things immediately.  The first is nation wide photo voter ID laws that will make it impossible for fraudulent voting.  The other thing that must happen is that we must do away with these computerized voting machines and go back to a system that leaves a paper trail that can be audited and is not subject to being hacked.

The Party of Treason does not want any of these things. They want to be able to steal this election.  Mitt Romney must not only win this election, but he must win it beyond the margin of fraud. 

If Barack Obama is reelected, we may never see another fair and free election in this country.

But then again, that is what the Democrats want.

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