I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

A President of ALL America

A President of all America?

In a stunning moment, in a photo op at the Red Cross, Barack Obama said in America we leave no one behind.   After what happened in Benghazi, did Obama even think before he said that?

Is the statement even close to true?

On May 2, 2010 I flew out of Washington on a Southwest 737 down to Tampa.  I was supposed to catch a connecting flight to Nashville.   By the time I touched down in Tampa, I was getting calls, texts and emails from family and friends.

Nashville was being inundated with rain.  Just a couple of miles from my home, a shopping center was under four feet of water.

The Cumberland River in Nashville exploded over its banks, flooding downtown Nashville.   This was a thousand year flood. 

The flood did billions of dollars in damage to Nashville.   The citizens of Nashville rallied.  The citizens of Tennessee rallied.    The one thing that did not happen was that Barack Obama did not visit Nashville.  In fact, he barely acknowledged the massive flooding that occurred.  

A year later, Texas was ablaze.

Obama managed not to visit there either.

Hurricane Irene tore through the North East in August 2011.   The storm did millions of dollars of damage in states that are blue states.   Obama went to New Jersey to personally view the damage.

Now hurricane Sandy has hit the North East.  Where was Obama today?

He was in New Jersey.

What is the moral of this story?

It means if you are in a red state, forget support from the Obama Regime. Do you remember the guy who was supposed to be the great uniter?  He is the most divisive President in history. 

What will happen after Obama is reelected? 

Does anyone really believe that Obama will suddenly become more conciliatory towards Republicans after the election?  After all, this is the guy who told Republicans in 2009, “I won.”

Mitt Romney stopped his campaign and began fundraising for the Red Cross.  Barack Obama was simply worried about being reelected.

Do we really want four more years of a President who cannot be bothered to rescue Americans in distress in Benghazi, but will spare no expense to be reelected? 

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