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Obama’s lying, people are dying

Obama lied.  People died.  That was Benghazi.  That was bad enough.  Let’s change that to Obama is lying and people are dying.   Notice the present tense.

What is going on?  What is so bad that people are dying and it really is Obama’s fault?

If the press treated Obama the way they treated George Bush after Katrina, this would be all over the press.  But the press has now evolved into nothing more than a propaganda arm for Obama; therefore he is getting a free pass.

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Hurricane Sandy hit and now in the aftermath, people are dying.   While Obama is using the post Sandy wreckage and that insufferable bag of hot air, Chris Christie as props for his photo ops, in Staten Island, three days after Sandy, people do not have food.    They do not have heat and unlike Katrina, the cold is a huge issue.  Katrina happened in the summer and while the heat was an issue for some, the cold is an issue for everyone. 

It is not just Obama the media is treating with kid gloves.  It is every liberal involved.  Bush was castigated for congratulating Michael Brown for doing a great job with Katrina.  Obama has a whole cast of Michael Browns to choose from.

How about Obama’s new best friend and as Rush Limbaugh called him, stand in “Greek Column” Chris Christie?   Obama promised red tape would be cut through.  Yet when Alabama sent utility crews to help New Jersey, they were turned away because the crews are non-union.  The state is a wreck and needs all of the help it can get, but union rules cannot be changed, no matter how dire the situation.

Perhaps the best “heck of a job there Brownie” Award should go to New York’s crown prince of idiots, Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  In some parts of New York, people are dumpster diving just to get food.  Huge parts of New York still do not have power.  Gas lines stretch for miles and this Sunday the New York Marathon will be run. 

Think about this for half a moment.  Imagine you are the Mayor of the city.   You have precious few resources as it is.  You are stretched thin.   What is the first thing you are going to cancel or at least postpone? 

Any sane person would be cancelling the marathon.  But liberals aren’t sane and Bloomberg’s brain cells went extinct a few years back.

Yes, in case you have not figured it out, the moron Mayor is not canceling the New York City Marathon.  Resources that New Yorkers desperately need like generators, food, water and New York Police officers are being pulled from hurricane devastated areas to the race area.

New Yorkers who are homeless because of the storm and who have sought refuge in hotels will now be homeless again so that the marathon’s previous reservations can be honored. 

Millions of rats drowned in New York’s flooded subways.  Millions more are now on the streets to greet the marathoners. 

Americans are forced to find food in garbage dumpsters in New York.  Are you hearing a word about this from the drive-by media?  No.  Do you think you will see photos of the people who die from exposure because no one is getting fuel to them so their homes or shelters can be heated?

Are you seeing the photos of Obama in the situation room and standing on the beach, next to America’s blimp, Chris Christie?  Of course you are.  That is because the mainstream media is little more than the media arm for the Obama campaign.

In the last few days of this election, it is up to we the people to point out that after Katrina, George Bush did not go to New Orleans for a photo op.  Instead he stayed away, lest the security arrangements necessary for a Presidential visit disrupt rescue efforts.   Obama does not care if his presence interferes with rescue operations as long as he gets his photo op.

We the people need to call and email our friends.  Sandy is Obama’s disaster.   As we have four days to the election, we need to tell the story that the Obama Propaganda Media is not telling.

(Hat tip to Jack Kemp for information on the hotels in New York City)


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