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Future Republican Leaders

  • Posted by Judson Phillips on November 12, 2012 at 11:28am in Tea Party Nation Forum

    As the Republican Party looks for future leaders, they do not have to look far for a new crowd of young Republicans who are quite willing to pick up John Boehner’s freshly laundered white flag of surrender and fly it high for all to see.

    Who are these future Republican leaders and what have they done?

    The College Republicans at Fordham University decided they were going to use some of their university funding to invite Ann Coulter to speak.   Ann Coulter is acerbic, controversial and very well known.

    When the liberal nitwits in the University leadership found out that Ann Coulter was coming they went into liberal hysteria.   The leftwing University President (which may be a redundant expression) between his wine and cheese and finishing his petition to have Karl Marx declared a Saint, whined that students were encouraged to bring in people with “diverse, sometimes unpopular points of view.”

    Really?  If that were the real criteria, Coulter would not cause a problem.   The real problem for liberals is that Coulter is effective.

    What did the College Republicans do in the face of liberal tyranny? 

    They borrowed John Boehner’s freshly laundered white flag of surrender.  They surrendered so fast; they now qualify for honorary membership in the French Army.

    The College Republicans immediately cancelled Coulter’s appearance and put out an email begging for “forgiveness” from Fordham University.  Fordham’s left wing University President immediately did high fives with the statute of Joseph Stalin he keeps in his office and issued a statement where he exulted in the fact a conservative had been kept away from the campus.

    Anyone want to bet there is no such controversy the next time a group at Fordham invites a far left nut to speak on campus?

    The Fordham College Republicans have shone that they have every talent necessary to become leaders in the Republican Party.  They surrender early and often to the left. 

    In 1980, conservative students at Dartmouth, tired of the liberal establishment on campus founded the Dartmouth Review.  The Review was the first of a series of conservative student papers that were founded during the 80’s on university campuses.   They faced threats, vandalism, lawsuits and retaliation from leftist professors and university administrators. 

    Those students stood for their beliefs and they made history.

    Unlike the Fordham students, they stood for their beliefs. 

    Fortunately for the Fordham College Republicans, they have a great future as leaders of the Republican Party as they have learned early how to surrender gracefully to liberals.


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