I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

The GOP Establishment

The Establishment Strikes Back.

    It has been five days since the election.  It has been five days since Mitt Romney lost and the establishment started its narrative.  It is also starting to push the Republican Party and conservatives down a path that will result in another defeat in 2016, if we let them.

    What are they doing and how do we stop them?

    The establishment has hit the ground running trying to pin the blame for the defeat of Mitt Romney and the disastrous Senate races on the Tea Party and on conservatism. 

    Peggy Noonan, the Doyenne of RINOs, made the talk show circuit again to explain that once again, all of the problems in the world and the Republican Party are conservatives’ fault.

    She breathlessly thanked the Tea Party for what it did in 2010 and for not splitting from the GOP, then said the Tea Party should not be the brand of the GOP.


    This coming from the woman who endorsed Barack Obama in 2008?

    And of course, her advice is the same as the other RINOs.  We should “moderate”.

    Mitt Romney was the most moderate Republican we have ever had run for President.  Short of changing the symbol of the GOP to a Jackass, how could you get any more moderate?

    Noonan’s great claim to fame is that she was, for a period of time, a speechwriter for Ronald Reagan.   The left wing media loves her because she will always come on, claim to be a conservative Republican, then proceed to announce to the world that conservatives are wrong and the only way for the Republicans to get ahead is to become just like the Democrats.

    Lest she be alone, Bill Kristol was out on Sunday demanding the Republican Party abandon its core principles.  Kristol hit Fox News and bravely surrendered to Barack Obama and the Democrats by announcing that the Republicans should go along with raising taxes on millionaires. 

    You have to give Barack Obama and the Democrats credit.  They did a good job of demonizing the so-called “rich” during the campaign.  Obama tries to sound reasonable by saying we want millionaires to pay a little more. After all, they “can afford it”.

    One thing the Republicans should be excoriated for is the fact that Republicans do not explain their beliefs well.

    Sound bites sell.  Liberals excel at sound bites.  One of the reasons they do is if you get beyond the sound bite, you realize how bad their ideas are.

    Republicans are fighting against a guy whose message is “free stuff”.  Republicans have to explain that tax cuts put money in the pocket of the average citizen.  The GOP is giving them something. 

    The GOP wants people to keep the money they have worked hard to earn.  The GOP wants businesses to keep more of their money so they can hire more people.

    The problem is spending.  Americans understand this.  Republicans are not talking about this. Out of control government spending is driving the economy into the ground.  Out of control government spending is putting Americans out of work.  Fraudulent and wasteful government spending costs America hundreds of billions of dollars a year.

    Tax increases are a mask.  Tax increases never work.  Just look at France.  Francois Hollande raised taxes on the “rich” to 75%.  The rich fled France.  In Maryland, six years ago, they imposed a millionaire’s tax.  What happened?   The millionaires fled Maryland. 

    When RINOs like Bill Kristol embrace Obama’s mantra of raising taxes, we lose. 

    The problem is not that we have a bad policy.  We have great ideas and, unlike liberal ideas, ours work.  Our messaging is the problem.  We need to get out and explain our ideas so that Tea Party ideas prevail. 

    We need to make sure that the ideas of freedom and liberty win.  The last thing we need to do is to listen to the RINOs that were responsible for the devastating losses of 2012.


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