I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

To the Republicans:

I hear many people say that now the Republican party should compromise their views by moving to the middle or the left;  to accept abortion and paying for free contraception;  to accept tax increases and estate taxes ; to accept the amnesty of millions of illegal immigrants.    There are many more examples but here is what I have to say about this:

IF the Republicans become like the Liberals then there would not be any reason to vote for them.  If they compromise their beliefs and values then they do not have any beliefs and values. 


The vast majority of the Jewish voters in this country voted for Hussein Obama – the candidate least likely to support Israel, and most likely to hurt Israel instead of helping them.   You folks need to sit down and shut up you will get what you deserve.

And Christians, so-called strong faithful Christians you folks say you believe in the 10 commandments and “Thou Shalt NOT Kill” and yet you vote for the party (man) who supports abortion and free abortions at that.   They believe in late term abortions where the baby is actually born alive but is held in the womb and has it’s brains sucked out – this is murder people!

By the way this IS a Christian nation, I don’t care what you Liberals say.    You vote to take God out of your platform then go to church on Sunday.    Stop pretending and just stay home on Sunday.


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