I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

  • Posted by Judson Phillips on January 25, 2013 at 7:10am in Tea Party Nation Forum

    If there is one Department in the Obama Regime that is totally out of control and is dedicated to pushing a political agenda, it has to be the Justice Department.  Of course, the EPA is not far behind.

    Unfortunately for America, the Justice Department has some real power.  When that is being used for political objectives, it becomes a dangerous assault on the freedom and liberty of all Americans. 

    The Justice Department is now doing this against one American state. If they are successful, every red state will be targeted for the same thing.

    What is going on and who is standing up to the Justice Department?

    The state is Louisiana.

    The Obama Regime and the NAACP’s Project Vote have sued the state. 


    The so-called “Motor voter” laws requires that all state agencies that help recipients of state benefits offer registration to voters.  Both groups have alleged that Louisiana does not do so with “sufficient vigor.”

    In one instance, the NAACP sent an undercover operative in to a Louisiana state office and asked about voter registration.  The person they asked was busy at the time and said, “It is two doors down.”

    That information was correct but according to Justice and the NAACP, the state employee should have stopped what they were doing and immediately registered this person to vote.

    The NAACP and the Justice Department filed suit against Louisiana and the Secretary of State.   There is no allegation that Louisiana suppresses voters.  In fact, the state is has one of the highest rates of voter registration and voter participation.

    The cases are in the Federal District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana.  Unfortunately for real Americans, the Judge is a political hack appointed by Bill Clinton.

    While the NAACP case has been tried and the state is awaiting a verdict, the Justice Department case is in the phase lawyers call, “Discovery.”  Discovery is where the parties are required to exchange information and produce evidence so each side can be prepared for trial.

    So far none of that is unusual.

    But what happened next is.

    As a part of discovery, the Justice Department demanded from Louisiana the complete voter rolls.  This is not the data dump that any candidate for office can go to the Secretary of State’s office and pay for. 

    The information the Justice Department wants includes:

    • Social Security Numbers
    • Driver’s license Number
    • Date of Birth
    • Mother’s maiden name
    • Date and place of all registrations
    • All changes to registrations

    Why has the Justice Department asked for this information?  According to the Secretary of State’s office, they need to see if they have a case!

    Lawyers do not file suit to see if they have a case.  They have a case, then they file suit.

    Louisiana has asked the Judge for protective orders that would restrict the distribution of this information and the Judge has refused this. 

    In Louisiana, there are about 2.8 million registered voters.  This information is an identity thief’s dream.  This is all the information that is needed to create literally millions of false accounts and steal millions of dollars.

    Even more disturbing is the fact that data would be shared by certain liberal groups that use the technique of micro-targeting technology to help Democrats get elected.

    These groups could not otherwise get this data. 

    One of the other dangerous parts of this data dump would be to show liberal groups what voters are registered but rarely if ever vote.  Of course, we know liberals never engage in vote fraud so we would never have to worry about liberal groups sending people in to vote in the name of individuals who rarely vote.  

    This is a form of almost unstoppable vote fraud.           

    One other crucial piece of information the Justice Department is seeking is the source codes for the election system Louisiana uses.  These codes are essential for the integrity of the elections and if an unauthorized person possessed them, the election date (i.e. votes) could be compromised.

    Tom Schedler is the Secretary of State for Louisiana and he has decided enough is enough.  There are a number of statutes that specifically forbid the release of the data that the Justice Department is demanding and the risk of the citizens of Louisiana being victimized is simply too great.  Schedler is refusing to comply with the Judge’s order.

    He is a brave and honorable man, risking jail rather than simply surrender to the thugs of the Justice Department.

    After Judge James Brady, a hack Clinton appointee, refused to modify any of his orders to allow for protection of the data Justice is demanding, Louisiana decided to do a rare interlocutory appeal to the 5th circuit court of appeals in New Orleans.

    The good news for America and for Louisiana is that Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal is supporting Schedler and the people of Louisiana.

    Unfortunately the Department of Justice and other liberal groups are targeting other states the same way they have targeted Louisiana.  The one criteria for targeting the state?

    The states are red states.

    If you live in a red state and the Department of Justice and these other liberal groups sue your state, your personal information could be compromised.  You could become the victim of identity theft.  Your personal information could end up in the hands of groups committed to turning American into a socialist hellhole. 

    Isn’t that reassuring.

    One of the fastest ways to stop this non-sense would be to defund parts of the Justice Department that have become totally politicized.   Another great idea would be for the Republicans in the House to put a provision into a must pass bill that prohibits the disclosure of this type of information.

    Meanwhile in Louisiana, one man is willing to risk his liberty and freedom for a cause that is noble and just.

    Thank you Tom Schedler.


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