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Tea Party Sell out, Pt 2.

  • Posted by Judson Phillips on February 23, 2013 at 7:54am in Tea Party Nation Forum

    To say the Tea Party Senators, with the possible exception of Rand Paul, have been a disappointment is an understatement.  There is one Senator who is associated with the Tea Party who has become a particular disappointment. 

    This Senator has moved hard to the establishment to advance this Senator’s political career.  The results are not only disappointing but potentially disastrous.

    Who is this Senator who is so disappointing and is now causing so much damage?

    It is Marco Rubio.

    Rubio went to Washington from Florida in 2010 with great fanfare.  He had taken on the Establishment and beat them.  Now he is the Establishment.

    In a recent interview, Rubio expressed support for Karl Rove’s new PAC that is designed to pick the winners in the Republican Primary.  Rove’s PAC wants to exclude Tea Party candidates and support establishment candidates. 

    Rubio may feel like he owes Rove because Rove’s PAC did support him in the general election.  But let’s go back down memory lane.  Rubio’s opponent in 2010 was former Florida Governor and liberal (then) Republican Charlie Crist.   Crist was the great RINO hope.   Floridians were told that Crist is electable and Rubio was not.   They were told that Crist was reasonable and Rubio was an extremist. 

    If Rove’s PAC had been in operation in 2010, trying to decide races for the Establishment, they would have been all in for Crist, not Rubio. 

    Loyalty is noble but it has its limits. 

    Rubio’s other great sell out has been on Amnesty. 

    Rubio has been leading the Republican pack for Amnesty.   The theory is, according to the beltway Republicans, that if the GOP just surrenders on Amnesty, Hispanics will suddenly love the GOP. 

    We call this wishful thinking.

    A poll released just this week showed Obama’s popularity and the popularity of the Democrats rising with Hispanics while Republican popularity is at best staying even.

    If the Republican premise is that supporting Amnesty will give them support in the Hispanic community, that premise is not only faulty, it is totally wrong.

    Amnesty will be a disaster.  It will result in between five and ten million new Democrat voters.  That’s assuming there is no voter fraud by the Democrats.   The chances of that are about the same as winning the lottery.

    In 2000, the Clinton administration ordered what was then the Immigration and Naturalization service, to speed up the naturalization processing for hundreds of thousands of immigrants. 


    New immigrants, as a demographic vote overwhelmingly for Democrats.    The Democrats were not fools.  They knew the race would be tight and their best strategy, other than outright fraud, was to try and create a bunch of new Democrat voters.

    Rubio now sees himself as a contender for 2016.   Perhaps he believes the Tea Party is now dead and is abandoning it.  Perhaps he believes the Establishment can now give him what he wants.

    Perhaps in the end, it does not matter.    He is giving conservatives absolutely no reason to support him if he runs for President or if he runs for reelection.

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