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Whitehouse Threatens Reporter

Bob Woodward gets a dead fish

    Regardless of whether you like him or not, Bob Woodward is one of the greatest journalists of our time.  He was half of the team that broke the Watergate scandal and he has been a prolific writer and reporter since then.

    Now, Bob Woodward has been given the political equivalent of a dead fish on his front door.

    What has happened and what does this mean?

    Bob Woodward’s reporting on the sequester has been outstanding.  Translation: He is telling the truth about the budget sequester and the Obama Regime does not like this.

    So a senior White House official threatened Woodward.    Woodward was yelled at by the White House official then told he would, “regret doing this.”

    Even during the height of the Watergate scandal, the Nixon White House would not have dreamed of threatening a reporter.  Yet the Obama Regime, acting more like a third world banana republic dictatorship, than an American administration has absolutely no reservations about threatening not only a reporter but one of the most respected reporters of the last century.

    Let’s go back forty years, to the height of the Watergate scandal.  Imagine for a second that a senior official in the Nixon Administration had threatened Bob Woodward.  The media would have stepped out as one in defense of Woodward and a free press. 

    What happened now?  Some media outlets have reported this story.  Conservative news outlets have been carrying it.  But so have some liberal media outlets.   MSNBC’s Morning Joe program covered the story.

    Unfortunately, most of the liberal media has been in Barack Obama’s corner on this one.  Politico tried to spin the story as nothing meaningful.  Buzzfeed went further, receiving the source of the email from the White House and then suggesting Bob Woodward was so stupid that he misinterpreted a tip from Gene Sperling, Director of the White House economic council, as a threat.

    Bob Woodward has a pretty big platform and said Obama is showing “a kind of madness I have not seen in a long time.”  Move over Richard Nixon.

    There are two parts of this story that are very disturbing.  First, the Obama Regime does not think twice about threatening reporters who write stories it does not like. 

    The second is the slavish devotion the drive by media continues to have for the Obama Regime.    The fact that the Obama Regime could go after a prominent reporter and this is not headline news is shocking. 

    During the Bush Administration, the New York Times broke several stories about classified operations the government was using against terrorists.  These included stories about how the government monitored financial transactions and listened in on overseas calls.    The Bush administration was not happy about those stories but could you imagine what the media would have done with this if the Bush Administration had threatened those reporters?  Can you imagine what the media would have done if the Bush administration had launched a criminal probe into the leak of classified information to the Times and dragged Times reporters in front of a grand jury?

    Today the drive by media is more interested in a political agenda than it is in the truth.  They are more interested in regurgitating liberal propaganda than having journalistic integrity. With rare exceptions, if you want accurate reporting on the government, the only place you can find that now is in the conservative blogosphere. 

    The rest of the media is little more than propaganda organs for the Obama Regime.


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