I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

New Pope, Same Liberal Media

Pope Francis, the first Pope of that royal name, was elected by the cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church on March 13, 2013.

Francis is the first pope of the Americas, a region that nobody believed (but many hoped) a pope would come from.

Like Benedict XVI, however, Francis is faced with a challenge – the liberal media.

Recall that when Pope Benedict XVI was elected, the Mainstream Media 1.0 hated him. He was not only very conservative but very educated, serving an academic position and acting as a ghostwriter for Pope John Paul II during his later years. Benedict XVI was very conservative during his papacy, most notably with his executive order allowing churches to vote to offer the Tridentine Rite (Latin Mass), though he tended to be liberal at times.

The liberal Mainstream Media did everything they could to dig up scandals on Benedict XVI, frequently including a call for him to resign with every article published (as well as consistent attempts to push him into allowing abortion, euthanasia, female priesthood, and gay marriage and adoption).

When Benedict XVI did resign, the Mainstream Media started pulling the same tricks on Francis I. Francis has already stated his opposition to gay families and abortion. Digging up a military scandal, and having Michael Moore release a fake photo of a non-Francis giving Communion to an Argentinian dictator, accompanies pushing the liberal agenda with regard to abortion, gay marriage, female priesthood, etc.

There is no reason for the Mainstream Media to do this. Catholics are not required by their faith to agree with the pope 100% on everything, nor is anyone forced to be Catholic. One can change their religion anytime, or start their own church, as the Society of St. Pius X did in their opposition to Vatican II and the New Mass.

Sometimes the Mainstream Media 1.0 and the liberal agenda it pushes is very obvious. This has consistently been the case with its constant attempt to bully the Catholic Church into approving abortion and other liberal causes. This happened during the reign of Benedict XVI, and will continue to happen under Francis I.

As is our right under a secular democratic republic, we are free to believe what we choose to believe. If you disagree with someone else’s beliefs, feel free to tell them yours, but don’t bully or judge them. Intimidation is never the answer.


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