I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

  • Posted by David Lawrence on March 22, 2013 at 9:31am

    David Lawrence

    I no longer like Bill Clinton

    I contributed thousands of dollars to Bill Clinton back when he was running for office.  I was even invited to his second inauguration in Washington.

    When he was impeached I felt that the Republicans were picking on him.  Who cared that he had oral sex in the Oval Office?

    What business was it of anyone else’s?

    That was before I lost my business and went to jail for tax evasion.  That was before I crashed into the wall of morality, realized the power of reform and learned to respect my punishment. It’s ironic that living with criminal people makes you realize the sickness of immorality.

    It wasn’t until I got to jail that I understood that values were all that kept us from being beasts or getting locked up.  Sexual morality did matter.  I watched criminals reading porno magazines and it made me sick. Living with farting and burping men makes you fall in love with women. 

    I did not experience a religious conversion.  I was a Jew but I was not religious.  I experienced a moral conversion, an appreciation of what was right and wrong instinctively rather than in a religious context.

    I realized that Clinton’s being the leader of the strongest country in the world required respect for one’s position.  Engaging in sex in the White House and cigar foreplay was an insult to the country, Clinton’s wife and to Monica herself.  It embarrassed us throughout the world and made us seem weak and without values or principles.

    If Clinton had any class he would have resigned from the Presidency.  He would have said, “I have violated the rules of marriage and leadership.  I do not deserve to be President.  I do not belong.”

    And yet the old reprobate still hangs around politics, loved by his immature followers and jockeying for the presidency for his cuckolded wife. He is now promoting gay marriage even though he has no respect for any sex and is using gays as a pretense for his purported open-mindedness.

    Maybe his cheating with an intern does not affect his ability to make executive decisions.  But it does affect the constellation of views that circle around him and weaken him as a leader.  He embarrasses us.  He should get out of the limelight and swim in a remote Maine nudist camp where he can pretend that his perversions are just love of fresh air.

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