I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

  • Posted by Judson Phillips on March 24, 2013 at 2:20pm in Tea Party Nation Forum

    Calling the Democrats the Party of Treason is a pretty good idea.  Seriously can anyone remember the last time they did something that was actually a benefit to America and to real Americans?

    Now that Obama’s sequester has kicked in, the White House is closed for tours, the military is being gutted and air traffic control towers are being closed.

    So you would think we are totally out of money, right?


    From Ynetnews.com:

    The United States has quietly unblocked almost $500 million in aid to the Palestinian Authority, which had been frozen by Congress for months, a top US official said Friday.

    The news that the funds had finally been freed up came after US President Barack Obama met top Israeli and Palestinian leaders in a landmark visit to Israel and the West Bank earlier this week.

    “To date, we have moved $295.7 million in fiscal year 2012 money… and $200 million in fiscal year 2013 assistance,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told reporters.

    The Obama administration also notified Congress in late February that it was seeking a further $200 million to fund US Agency for International Development (USAID) programs for the Palestinians, she said.

    The first sum comprises some $195.7 million, allocated under the 2012 fiscal year budget for USAID economic, development and humanitarian assistance, as well as a further $100 million earmarked specifically for narcotics control.

    The second sum of $200 million unblocked and available to the Palestinian Authority will come under the 2013 budget and be spent for direct budget support.

    The Palestinian Authority is facing its worst economic crisis in years, in part because of a failure by donors to deliver pledged funds. But its finances were plunged further into chaos after president Mahmud Abbas won upgraded UN observer status at the UN General Assembly in late November.

    Isn’t that special.  We have a lot of things in America that our tax dollars and those dollars borrowed from China could be used for and what does Obama want to do with them?  Give them to a nation that hates America!

    That is Obama logic.

    $500 million would keep air traffic control centers open.  That is about a quarter of what is needed to refuel the nuclear carrier USS Abraham Lincoln.  The USS Abraham Lincoln is just sitting in port in Virginia, little more than a 100,000 ton paper weight because budget cuts have made it impossible to refuel the carriers’ nuclear reactor.

    Which is worse?  The Obama Regime’s reckless spending of our money or the silence from the Republican Party?

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