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Obama KILLS Americans

Posted by Judson Phillips on April 5, 2013 at 7:12am in Tea Party Nation Forum


Barack Obama is killing Americans.

That is a serious charge to make.   But it is true.  Obama and his regime are killing Americans today.

How is this happening?

It is the Sequester.

Specificially the Obama Regime has stopped paying Oncologists for certain expensive chemotherapy and cancer fighting drugs. 

On April 1, Medicare reduced its funding to pay for these drugs, citing the Sequester as the reason.  As a result, cancer patients are being turned away from doctors and hospitals. 

It is hard to fault the Doctors for this.  It is a matter of simple economics.  If the drugs cost more than they are reimbursed by the government, they will quickly go out of business.

This is the fault of the Obama Regime. 

The budget sequester they are screaming about is only cutting $85 billion from the budget.  This does not even eliminate the increase in spending from the previous year. 

The Federal Budget is $3.5 trillion and this is only $85 billion.

Since Barack Obama does not want to cut any spending, he is trying to make the spending cuts as painful as possible

While the Sequester has been looming, the Obama family has been taking vacations.  Just this past week, the Obama daughters went on a spring break tour that included the Bahamas and the ski slopes of Idaho.  

That trip cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars at a minimum and perhaps it ran into the millions.  This was at least the fourth family vacation for the Obama’s this year alone.  Meanwhile Joe Biden went on a spring break vacation too.

Here’s a question the Obama Propaganda media will not ask.  How many people could have received their cancer treatments if the Obamas had simply stayed in Washington?

How many cancer treatments could have been paid for if Joe Biden has skipped his vacation?

The government is riddled with massive amounts of waste and fraud.  Fraud from hurricane relief from Katrina has run over two billion.  The government spent almost half a million dollars to teach people correct condom use.

Yet the Regime and the Congress do nothing to cut this wasteful spending.

Despite the sequester, while American cancer patients are now being denied treatment and some of them will die, the Obama Regime is giving $250 million to Egypt.   While that is going on, the Regime is giving $500 million to the Palestinians.  They aren’t even a nation.

The government recently spent $27 million on Moroccan Pottery classes!

Meanwhile thousands of cancer patients are facing the loss of their ability to be treated while Obama acts more like a king than a President.  With three vacations for him, plus a spring break vacation for his daughters and three vacations for Joe Biden, the Regime acts as if nothing is wrong.  Air Force One costs $181,000 an hour to operate.   While Americans die from cancer that is not being treated, Obama flies off to places like San Francisco so he can raise funds for the Party of Treason.

During the campaign, the Obama team accused Mitt Romney of being responsible for a woman’s death from cancer.  That story was disproved.  This is a real instanc

e of where people are going to die from cancer and this is the fault of the Obama Regime.

The media will not call Obama out on this.

The question is, will the Republicans?


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