I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

Obama’s Race Baiting

“He goes before an all-African American male audience at Morehouse College and he tries to make them feel as if we’re still living in the antebellum South,” Savage explained, noting:

    He tells them to feel like outsiders, like they are marginalized.
    Does that serve these young men when they go out into the world?
    The days of prejudice during “Jim Crow” were horrible, but Obama is peddling them to a new generation of college grads.
    Here is a president wrapping himself in the specter of the horrible 1940s when these laws were in place.
    Obama, of course, wasn’t even born at the time.
    He never suffered a day in his life.
    He was raised by a white grandmother and went to a private high school.
    Then Obama went to Columbia University, where he had the skids greased for him.
    Yet he dares to claim that he experienced the same pain and prejudice as men did in the past.
    I’ve met African-American guys in their 30s and they tell me they don’t want to hear this kind of race-baiting.

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