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War on women coming from the Democratic front

Back during the 2012 election, Democrats were quick to seize on some Republican words — like Todd Akin’s remark about “legitimate rape” and late-term abortion, orRush Limbaugh’s calling Sandra Fluke a “slut” for wanting free birth control — to build the notion of a “war on women.”
But if you look past words to actual deeds, most of the action in the war on women seems to be coming from the Democratic front lately. Just consider these cases:
First, Democratic San Diego Mayor Bob Filner. So far seven women have accused him of sexual harassment. According to one report, Filner said, “You’ll have to excuse me for what’s about to happen. It’s your fault,” before pinning a woman in a restaurant booth. Other allegations include kissing, grabbing and assorted other inappropriate behavior.
As is usually the case, this stuff was no secret within the world of San Diego Democratic politics, but even though there were complaints, the leadership supported Filner anyway until things went public. And even afterward, until the pressure became too great, Democrats supported him. As with Bill Clinton, and his alleged assaults on Paula Jones, Juanita Broddrick and Kathleen Willey, tribal loyalties to party kin outweighed any concern for women as a group — or for the accusers as individuals. The accusers were tossed over the side until the publicity became too strong to ignore. Democrats — like Hillary with Bill — stood by their man, Tammy Wynette-style.

The Whitehouse uses Behavior Modification–ON US


Via Fox News:
The federal government is hiring what it calls a “Behavioral Insights Team” that will look for ways to subtly influence people’s behavior, according to a document describing the program obtained by FoxNews.com. Critics warn there could be unintended consequences to such policies, while supporters say the team could make government and society more efficient.
While the program is still in its early stages, the document shows the White House is already working on such projects with almost a dozen federal departments and agencies including the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Agriculture.
“Behavioral sciences can be used to help design public policies that work better, cost less, and help people to achieve their goals,” reads the government document describing the program, which goes on to call for applicants to apply for positions on the team.

Rick Warren

From Twitter:

Rick Warren Quotes@RickWarrenQT 4h

The Soviet Union abolished God. Then God abolished the Soviet Union

Wit and Wisdom from Twitter

Relevant Church Guy@MrChurchGuy48m

I’m sure that many things Jesus said could have been prefaced with “Wearily, wearily I say unto thee.”


Wise Man Si@WiseManSi45m

When two people really care about each other, they will always look for a way to make it work, no matter how hard it is.


Church Curmudgeon@ChrchCurmudgeon11h

The youth pastor went to 4 years of Bible college so he could learn to say “What does that verse mean to you?”


Church Curmudgeon@ChrchCurmudgeon7 Jul

Got CPAP machines installed in the back pew. They’ll eliminate snoring, and we’ll leave the service feeling refreshed.


Faithful Earth@FaithfulEarth1h

Leo Buscaglia – If People are Unkind to you, Have the COURAGE to Love them Anyway !


Rick Warren Quotes@RickWarrenQT2h

Is anyone going to be in heaven because of you?


CBO: Killing Babies Will Save the Government Money

Michael Norton | Jul 25, 2013

“Priceless” is the value most moms and dads would put on their newborn child. A newborn represents the delicate and fragile nature of life itself. Many would call their newborn baby a “miracle.”

But the current administration in Washington, D.C. does not seem to agree with the “priceless” evaluation—at least it does not act like it agrees.

If there is a way to support the abortion industry with taxpayer dollars, President Obama and the rest of our government finds and implements it.

Now, even the “non-partisan” Congressional Budget Office has joined this pro-abortion cabal by placing a value on the lives of unborn children. CBO recently reported that, if passed by Congress, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act would cost the government $225 million over the next 10 years by allowing children to be born instead of aborted.

The CBO says killing children will save the government money in healthcare costs and expenditures in welfare and other social programs. Well, by all means then, let’s kill some children, shall we?

The Orwellian implications of the CBO’s report are terrifying. It first assumes each and every child born as a result of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act will be a failure and thus a burden on society. One can hear a potential Planned Parenthood rallying cry – “an abortion in time saves the government a dime.” What’s next? Abortion tax credits? Not much of a stretch in light of the Obama administration’s insistence that people of faith provide abortion-inducing drugs as part of their health insurance plans.

The irony of it all is that those who would sacrifice our children on the altar of “balancing the budget” care not one whit about burdening future generations with mountains of debt. While President Obama’s trillion-dollar deficits stretch as far into the future as the mind can conceive, his administration is giving Planned Parenthood more than $500 million a year. That’s a half-a-billion dollars that could be spent to save life instead of taking it.

Who today holds to the biblical command “Thou shalt not steal”? Not our government. It is gone, just like the 55 million pre-born children who have been snuffed out in America since 1973.

Human beings—and an unborn baby is a human being from the moment of conception—are not simply neutral statistics on a spreadsheet. If they were, then CBO would base part of the cost of funding Meals on Wheels, food stamps, and other social programs on the longevity of the people served.

All thinking Americans should be offended by the CBO’s utilitarian estimates. These numbers turn human beings who are valuable in and of themselves into objects which can (should?) be discarded if found too expensive.

We are right to have the same righteous indignation over the abortion of our unborn children that our Founding Fathers had in their battle against government oppression and tyranny. Innocent unborn children, the most vulnerable among us, cannot be measured by a “price tag.” Every innocent life deserves to be protected.

Sheik Obama Tells Islamists His United States Is Willing To Surrender

posted on May 27, 2013 byJohn DeMayo

The king of double speak, President Obama, has just admitted that he has no intention of keeping Americans safe from Islamist aggression here or abroad. This should come as a tremendous comfort to terrorism’s big money backers. Saudi Arabia and Qatar will no longer have to worry about the Obama Administration getting in the way of their terror financing and global Islamic aspirations.

I am referring to Sheik Obama’s recent National Security speech.

Over the last 5 years, Obama has gone to great lengths to shield and encourage aggressive Islamist influence inside the United States and elsewhere. Nothing is an act of terror unless Obama says so. No one is our enemy unless the boy King proclaims it so and anyone who says different find himself or herself vilified, investigated and harassed by federal authorities. Unless of course they are Muslims. Granted access to the highest levels of government, Muslims now help shape Obama’s new anti-American national security policies.

Do not be fooled by the token drone strike or the alleged masterful use of special operations to eradicate terrorism’s leaders. If the missiles fired are not finding targets in Saudi Arabia and Qatar chances are the Sunni leaders of global Islamic terrorism are directing them

The people with the RPG’s and AK-47’s have never really been the big problem. It is the people who provide the money to recruit, train, arm and execute small and large offensives in the Islamist war on US Judeo-Christian freedoms and liberty. The same people who escaped criminal responsibility for the 911 attacks. Saudi Arabia and Qatar’s terrorism sponsors that direct Obama’s Islamic appeasement strategy and anti-American foreign policy. That is the problem.

Obama’s true loyalties were on display a few days ago.  He does not surprise me. Neither will the predictable gullibility of the ignorant masses who believe his lies.  After all, government paychecks and handouts buy a lot of misguided loyalty from those that conveniently proclaim executive branch criticism as racially motivated.

Obama’s regurgitated shift from combat operations to intelligence and law enforcement based terrorism opposition is another deception.

Obama ended operations in Iraq only to fuel the growth of Islamist insurgency that is tearing Iraq apart. He publicly ordered the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, but the Taliban continue the fight. Obama wants America to believe that Al Qaeda is no longer a threat, a ”shell of its former self” and Muslim Brotherhood appeasement is now beneficial to US national security interests. Yet America is excoriated as one country after another is being radicalized by a re-packaged Al-Qaeda and it‘s affiliates. Moreover, all over the world, Islam is destroying Christian houses of worship and enslaving or murdering its faithful as its violent Sharia influences spread. Not a peep about this in Obama’s National Security address. No outrage. No condemnation for these unprovoked attacks on non-believers. Just talk about closing Gitmo and setting Islamists free.

For five years, Obama has attacked American traditions and snapped to attention when Islamic influences cry foul. Somehow, Fort Hood, the Boston Marathon bombing and citywide lockdown, Americans murdered on US soil in Libya by Al Qaeda and the global Islamic attacks on Christian faithful seem to escape our myopic President. Treasonous Islamic activism is at an all time high in America. Yet our Justice Department has not only ignored it, but also embraced it.

Obama’s loyalties are no longer debatable.

Make no mistake the threat of Islamic jihad—both violent and stealth—has never been higher in America. The war waged on America by Islam started long before the first World Trade Center bombing. It will continue until our enemies have destroyed our economy and reshaped American law. The only people who could possibly believe different are Islamists themselves or people on their payroll.

This Depresses Me–A Lot

Need to Know

July 19, 2013

Axelrod: ‘Hillary Clinton probably will be the candidate’
Posted by Staff

Hillary Clinton will likely be the Democratic candidate for president in 2016, according to longtime Obama adviser David Axelrod, and only if she passes up a presidential bid will vice president Joe Biden run.
“I think that Hillary Clinton probably will be the candidate. If she doesn’t run, I think Biden will run,” Axelrod told MSNBC. He went on to note that Clinton and Biden share a common view of national security and that he hopes the Democratic primary will give rise to a “healthy debate” about the future of America’s foreign policy.
Though 2016 is a long way off, Clinton is the presumptive favorite among Democrats. Biden told GQ Magazine recently that he may run for president. “I can die a happy man never having been president of the United States of America,” the vice president said. “But it doesn’t mean I won’t run.”

Why Am I Not Surprised

Trayvon Protesters Terrorize Family En Route to Hospital


Todd Starnes | Jul 18, 2013

A Texas grandmother was terrified after Trayvon Martin supporters surrounded her SUV, hit her in the head and tried to prevent her from taking her sick grandchild to the hospital.

The grandmother, along with her daughter and granddaughter were trying to get the Texas Children’s Hospital when protesters blocked traffic on a highway.

“When we first drove up I thought it was a wreck,” said Georgia, who asked that her last name not be used. “When we got closer, I realized all these protesters were everywhere. They weren’t letting us through.”

Georgia told Fox News she was trying to get her seven-year-old granddaughter to the emergency room.

“I rolled down the window and explained that we were trying to get to the hospital,” she said. “He motioned them to let us through.”

But when the family drove onto a grassy area, the crowd swarmed the SUV.

“They were screaming and chanting,” she said. “They jumped in front of us and surround the SUV. I screamed back that we were just trying to get to the hospital.”

A CBS cameraman captured the aftermath of the incident on video. It shows one protester hitting the windshield with his fist and grabbing Georgia’s arm. The man also tried to open the back door of the vehicle.

“We were shaking,” she said. “Our bodies were shaking. We were terrified.”

At some point in the altercation, Georgia said she was hit in the head and her daughter punched the accelerator. Once they reached a safe distance, they called 911.

“They said they would send a patrol car,” Georgia said. “I said, we need an Army, not a patrol car. There were hundreds of people on the freeway.”

Houston Police told Fox News they are investigating the incident – but so far no arrests have been made.

Georgia told Fox News she’s not quite sure why they were targeted by the protesters.

“We were just trying to get to the hospital,” she said. “But they didn’t want us to go through. They were trying to stop us.”

Georgia said the ordeal has left her shaken and she’s considering getting a firearm.

“I’ve never had one but you never know when you’re going to need it,” she said.

The family eventually made it to the hospital and the seven-year-old is doing just fine.

You have the power to change the American media landscape overnight

Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things “Savage.”
In today’s issue: Savage reminded listeners that they have more power than they realize to change America for the better.
Take stockholders in public companies like GE, which owns MSNBC. Dr. Savage called upon those stockholders to use their power to influence the kinds of stories the network airs, and who it hires as guests and hosts.

“The usual race baiters are at it again. They never change,” Savage observed, adding:

    You see them in the media, at networks like MSNBC, which hit a new low with this Zimmerman case.
    I heard a contributor on MSNBC say that Americans will only care about violent crime when the number of white children who die approximates the number of black children who die.
    This is America today.
    Now, this man is a professor, and it’s OK if we dump these people into universities, because that’s where they belong.
    But when you see them hired by General Electric, that’s a different story.
    Remember, GE owns MSNBC.
    Do you people own stock in such companies? Yet you say nothing?
    The real power doesn’t lie with the vermin in the streets, with their sticks and stones.
    It lies with the stockholders of these companies.
    You could change this overnight.
    The middle class has more power than it realizes.

A Profile In Black and White

  • Posted by Timothy Birdnow on July 16, 2013 at 9:50am

    Timothy Birdnow

    “This case has never been about race, nor has it ever been about the right to bear arms, But Trayvon Martin was profiled. There is no doubt that he was profiled to be a criminal. And if race was one of the aspects in George Zimmerman’s mind, then we believe that we put out the proof necessary to show that Zimmerman did profile Trayvon Martin.”

    Prosecutor Angela Corey on the acquittal of George Zimmerman

    When the media first learned about the shooting of young Trayvon Martin, they immediately went to press with breathless stories about the shooting of a young black child by a white man. This case exploded on the national consciousness largely because it was assumed that George Zimmerman was a white cop wannabee who shot a young black child. In fact, that “child” was seventeen, 5 feet 11 inches tall, and weighed 160 pounds, just ten shy of Zimmerman. The media further posted an old picture of a cherubic-looking young boy when the reality was Martin was no longer so small or cute. The reason the media did this was because they profiled both Zimmerman and Martin, and based their narrative on this profile.

    In the liberal world, blacks and other “peoples of color” are victims and white males are racists and oppressors.

    It really is as simple as that; the details are unnecessary from the liberal media’s viewpoint. They understood exactly what had happened because their profile determines how America works.

    It was unfortunate from their perspective that Martin turned out to be half Hispanic, but that problem was quickly solved by creating a new class of oppressor, the “White Hispanic”.

    So, upon acquittal, the woman who prosecuted Zimmerman with extreme prejudice bemoans Zimmerman’s profiling of Trayvon Martin.

    First, let us examine this complaint.

    Civil Rights law forbids racial profiling by the police. Police have often relied on racial profiling for a simple reason; black males commit far more crimes than whites on a per capita basis.

    According to Heather MacDonald:

    “About one in 33 black men was in prison in 2006, compared with one in 205 white men and one in 79 Hispanic men. Eleven percent of all black males between the ages of 20 and 34 are in prison or jail…From 1976 to 2005, blacks committed over 52 percent of all murders in America. In 2006, the black arrest rate for most crimes was two to nearly three times blacks’ representation in the population. Blacks constituted 39.3 percent of all violent-crime arrests, including 56.3 percent of all robbery and 34.5 percent of all aggravated-assault arrests, and 29.4 percent of all property-crime arrests.”

    End excerpt.

    See the raw data on crime here. http://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/bvvc.pdf and see a decent breakdown of it at the Blaze. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2012/04/09/race-wars-part-1-the-sho…

    And so, given the greater propensity to commit crime per capita, the only logical thing anyone who is dedicated to fighting crime can do is profile. Is it unfair? Sure, but life itself is unfair. The problem is, there is no other way to deal with the problem.

    Asking law enforcement to not profile is like asking a cancer doctor to check every cell in a patient’s body; it is grossly inefficient. The oncologist goes after the cancerous cells, not the healthy ones on the chance that they may secretly be cancerous. The ridiculous extremes of the Transportation Safety Agency strip-searching toddlers and old grandmothers has illustrated the utter stupidity of NOT profiling.

    But be that as it may, White Liberal America has duly decided police may not profile.

    Neither can employers. Neither can businessmen running a public accommodation. Neither can landlords.

    But the private citizen is free to THINK whatever he chooses. This is still America, or was the last time I checked (although the current regime is working on that) and freedom of thought is the natural corollary to freedom of speech. If we have the right to say what we will, do we not have the right to think it? The First Amendment gave George Zimmerman the right to racially profile Trayvon Martin.

    Apparently prosecutor Corey does not understand the Constitution.

    Profiling is in the eye of the beholder. The Progressive/Liberal media has profiled the entire United States and determined white America is hopelessly racist and culturally imperialistic. Big Sis, Mr. Obama’s personal iron boot Janet Napolitano, presided over the publication of an amazing broad profiling document that claimed Tea Party members, pro-lifers, returning military, Gadsden flag wavers, Ron Paul supporters, and other conservatives were potential domestic terrorists, and indeed the police in Missouri were instructed to pay special attention to cars exhibiting signs of this pathology. http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2009/03/missouri_police_given_c… To liberals, this is just sensible police work and has little to do with profiling. To those who have been profiled in this manner it is infuriating.

    Liberals love profiling, provided it hurts their political enemies.

    And let us not forget, these lovers of liberty have also profiled the African American community. They have determined that blacks are too lazy to earn their living and so provided the a social safety hammock to provide for their wants and needs. They have determined that blacks are too stupid to be properly educated and so have turned their schools into baby-sitting institutions. They have determined blacks should not be disciplined so they prevent the schools from dealing effectively with problem kids.

    That is what happened to Trayvon Martin. His behavior began to degrade when his father and mother split up, and the school, acting as good and proper enablers, covered up a string of misdeeds because he was a black child. We now know Martin was constantly fighting, and had, in fact, probably beaten up a bus driver. He was suspended numerous times. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2120504/Trayvon-Martin-case… He was caught by the school with burglary tools and stolen jewelry. He was known as a pothead. He was a young man out-of-control, one who would never be in control because he was given no limits by the liberals in society. He was the “no limits n*****d” as he styled himself.

    No limits – that is exactly where his life went wrong.

    This is what the Left has wanted for the African American community. They actually have a name for their monstrous racial profiling scheme – it’s called multiculturalism. Liberals do not approach people as individuals but as representative of their particular group. They subdivide Americans then lump them together by certain characteristics. If George Zimmerman was guilty of profiling, he was only following their lead.

    And since people exist only in groups they must be dealt with in groups. Personal responsibility disappears. That is to the woe of the African American community, which, as the largely illiterate Rachel Jeantel illustrated during her “star witness” testimony, blacks racially profile whites, seeing them as oppressors. Black people don’t call the police, she explained during questioning. Why? According to Christina Coleman:

    “The point is, black people can understand Rachel’s hesitancy when it came to contacting the police because the fear and doubt that comes with dealing with law enforcement is as entwined into the tapestry of our culture as is our slavery past.”

    End excerpt

    A past that has by and large been gone for generations now, but which persists not in reality but largely in the minds of African Americans, who have this imagery stoked and fanned by their race-hustling leaders and the Democratic Party. It is a form of racial profiling – of white people.

    This while blacks are the most likely victims of crime themselves, and they refuse to call the police. There is, sadly, a tolerance for criminality in the black community. I realize this will get me labeled as profiling, but there most certainly is a code of Omerta in the ghetto. Poorer blacks would rather be victimized by their own then ask help of “the Man”. There is a sense in poorer black neighborhoods that the law is not for them but against them, that it is “white man’s law” and those who break it are rebels, a modern “Django Unchained”, people to be grudgingly admired. It is the anti-hero, but the only heroes young black kids ever see, because the Left has convinced them that society is stacked against them and they will never have anything better.

    That is why the hip-hop culture is so against education; it is being white. That is why they enjoy misogyny, foul language, and pants around their ankles; these are things designed to challenge the authority of white America. It is a form of profiling, a way to shock the sensibilities of the ruling majority.

    They are fighting the wrong war against the wrong enemy. The ones really holding them down are the ones who give them the most and promise them even more. Their erstwhile friends are the real bad guys.

    Welfare, food stamps, SSI, all of the liberal social programs are the real oppressors. Liberals profiled the black community and determined they were helpless children in need of constant help and supervision. The black community chafes at this paternalism, but they think it the holdover from slavery when in reality it is an all-new type of slavery, one the white community is sinking into at the same time.

    Obamaism is the new slavemaster, one who demands not just physical obedience but that you think the way you are told.

    And so many in the hip-hop generation think physical power is the answer. If you are tough enough, aggressive enough, rude enough, mean enough you will get what you want. They believe (being ignorant of history) that they somehow forced change in our society through pure will. That is not so; white America was the engine for change from the beginning. The Republican Party was founded out of a sorrow for the condition of blacks here, and a war was fought. The civil rights era, too, would never have happened in an America as bad as these kids believe it to be; it was fostered by white men of good will, and the laws put in place by Republicans. The Democrats fought the civil rights agenda. One of their most revered statesman was Robert Byrd, a former Ku Klux Klan Kleagal.

    There is the problem; the current “civil rights leaders” in the black community – men like Jesse Jackpot, er Jackson and Freddy’s Fashion Mart/Tawana Brawley promoter Al Sharpton – are eternally pointing out the specs in their white devil, er, brother’s eyes while ignoring the beams in their own. Trayvon Martin was killed because of rampant crime in the black community, and yet the black community refuses to do anything about it because they are led by people more interested in blaming others and in cashing in than in actually helping to solve their community problems. It is easier and more pleasurable to scream about being mistreated then to actually try to build something better. That is hard work.

    And yes, the white community has problems that only we can solve. But we have tried, and very hard, to solve them. Whites are the ones who supported the civil rights laws. Whites are the ones who made the N word a profanity not to be used. Whites are the ones who put Barack Obama in office. To all of my African American brothers, I say, we are trying hard.

    It is your turn to step up to the plate.

    Stop racially profiling us, and get to it. If you want to honor the memory of Trayvon Martin, this is the way.

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