I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

A Letter To America

A letter to America. We will never neglect you again.

My Dearest America,

I write to you today with great remorse but also unrelenting pride. Remorse, because of what we have allowed to befall you. Pride, because I know we as proud citizens will correct that which has allowed this.

Your magnificent splendor has awed us as no other nation in the world. From your snow-capped mountains to your fertile plains, you have been unselfish in giving of your bounty. From one grand ocean to another your beauty has been captivating and inspiring. Your unassuming nature has been humbling.

On that fateful fourth day of July 237 years ago, you were born under the proud and watchful gaze of 56 men who put Country before self. With their signatures they bestowed upon not only us, but the entire world, one of the most beautiful documents ever written on a single parchment. The Declaration of Independence stands alone as the direction of the free world.

From your infancy you struggled. As you grew you carried the burden of that freedom on your shoulders as no nation before or since, yet you never faltered or complained. A little more than 8 years later your burden was eased when 55 men once again joined to create the most revered Constitution in history. On a mere four pages they created the Supreme Law under which we have lived freely since.

A list of Rights was subsequently added and accepted not from men or Kings, but from our Creator. Embracing freedom you have proudly declared, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”, to any and all people of the world.

Your Founding Fathers were common men of simple and honorable means. Their purpose was not fame or notoriety, they knew not what the future held for you, rather it was to forge the direction so needed back then. They did not wish you to be an egalitarian state nor did they want an all powerful government from which they initially fled. They were reverent yet not assuming, they were humble yet confident, they were the truest of Patriots.

They opposed, with dedication and strength, the pretended authority of intrusive government and accepted with trust the Creators guidance. All the while they defined and affirmed the legal basis of State Sovereignty.

These men bravely and honorably accepted their challenge and many made ultimate sacrifices during wars and revolution in order to preserve their beliefs for your legality.

Created as a Federal Constitutional Republic did not, however, prevent many from conspiring tyranny against you. Against many odds and obstacles you have survived. We now find ourselves at the doorstep of a “fundamental transformation” of your sovereignty. An attempt at socializing your justice and dissecting your individualism into a collective that breeches your very foundation is being deviously attempted.

We The People have neglected our responsibility to preserve your unselfishness of Liberty, Justice and Freedom. We held these truths to be self evident yet we allowed them to be corrupted by the very people we honored with our most powerful weapon, our vote.

We have shown that mankind is more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right ourselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. This is our tragedy and our shame. We have, over the course of many decades, allowed ourselves to become preoccupied with our own needs rather than preserving yours. We have become selfish, as you stood proudly against Despotism for centuries, and have allowed your freedom to be challenged. For this we beg your and God’s forgiveness.

We have realized the error of our ways. We realize now that those that we favored with preserving our Rights have been deviant in their intentions and advantageous in their benefit against our wishes. Our preoccupation of attaining your greatest gift to us, the ”American Dream”, has created a horrible disconnect with our true duty, the securing of your most important merits of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

We now prostrate ourselves before you and humbly deliver that we will never allow ourselves to neglect our solemn duty to you again. We have declared a movement, a revolution if you would, to once again restore you to your rightful and proper place as “The Shining City On The Hill”. A Nation that is not to be envied, but rather to be looked upon and replicated on other lands. Replicated because we have accepted it as the way every man, woman and child was intended to live, as free people, as directed by our Creator, not men.

We solemnly offer that we will return to the intended regard of social, moral and spiritual beliefs that created your magnificence. We will wrap these beliefs around our core values of Constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility and free market principles.

We understand these were, are and will be guaranteed not just to us but to our progeny as our Founders and ancestors demanded. We accept that many have suffered the ultimate sacrifice to maintain your freedom, we shall never allow that to be dismissed from your history and legacy. We promise to never again assume the power of our vote, but rather to cherish it as our Patriotic duty to restore our government to its intended purpose.

America, we will never neglect you again. Your exceptional place in the world must be maintained and we humbly submit our dedication to that cause.

We will not disappoint.

We will not falter.

You will survive.

God Bless You and all that you stand for.

Patriotically Yours,

We The People of the United States of America


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