I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

The Commissars of the People’s Republic of DC strike again.

    Washington DC is a hellhole. 


    It is the politicians. 

    Yes, the politicians of the Obama Regime are bad enough, but the local politicians are even worse.   The DC City Council seems to have one of its members indicted whether they need it or not.

    Now the City Council of the District of Columbia that has done something that is stupid even by their standards.

    What is it?

    Much of the District of Columbia is poverty stricken.   There is one thing that the residents of the District need and that is jobs.   So when a major employer comes to town what do you think the City Council would do?

    Wal-Mart decided it would go into three of the poorest areas of DC and open three new stores.  This would be good for the DC residents on two fronts.  First it would provide new shopping venues with inexpensive goods the residents need.  But more importantly, it would provide about eighteen hundred jobs.

    When an employer comes to town and offers to bring a couple of thousand jobs with it, most cities are ecstatic.  Most cities are happy.

    Not the idiots who run the District of Columbia.

    They instead crafted a law that would require Wal-Mart type megastores to pay a “living wage.”  The minimum wage is $8.50 an hour.  The City Council required Wal-Mart to pay $12.50 an hour as the “living wage.”  The City Council also wrote in exceptions and exemptions into the law so that Wal-Mart would be the only employer who would have to pay the living wage.

    As anyone with three functioning brain cells could figure out, this would not go over well with Wal-Mart.  Since the members of the DC Council could not figure this out, it is painfully obvious their brain cells may have passed from the endangered species list to the extinct species list. 

    Wal-Mart made it very simple.  If the City Council passed this idiotic law, they would not complete the three stores they were building in DC.

    The DC City Council passed the law and Wal-Mart has announced it will not open the three stores in DC. 

    The DC City Council is totally controlled by Democrats.  The unemployment rate in the District of Columbia is 8.5%.  It is only 5.2% in neighboring Virginia. 

    Any city or state should be grateful for an employer who is willing to come in and create jobs.    But if you are a Democrat controlled city and the employer is Wal-Mart, the rules don’t apply.

    Democrats and the left have long hated Wal-Mart.  Wal-Mart is an American success story.  That is why the left hates them so much. 

    Democrats and the left want to be able to pick the winners and the losers.  The fact that someone is able to be a success without government help is an idea they simply cannot stand.

    What happens when you have Democrats in control?  You end up with jobs on the endangered species list. 

    The voters in DC should turn out the fools who comprise the District City Council.  If they don’t, and history is any guide, most of them will be eventually indicted anyway.

    Fortunately for the DC City Council, stupidity is not an indictable offense.

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