I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

TheSurlyDeacon@TheSurlyDeacon 1m

A word to my hip Methodist friends. Never say you are going to “The Meth Church.”


Faithful Earth@FaithfulEarth 6m

“Democratic Party” “Republican Party” “Tea Party” How About The “Lords Party” How About We Defend That !


Mike Maseda@mikemas80 36m

@jjauthor liberals created the word racist so the could waste time arguing about nothing as they blind themselves to real issues.


IrritatedWoman™@irritatedwoman 18m

If it’s so serious for us why are ya golfing?


Science Channel @ScienceChannel 24m

Weird! Tiny frog uses its mouth to hear >> http://ow.ly/ovPVS


slone@slone 1h

WHOA!!!! Foreign policy experts, including Obama’s own team: “We do NOT have a steady hand at the helm


nyccookie@TracyAChambers 1h

Krauthammer: Problem Is Not That Obama’s Not Selling Strategy, It’s That He Doesn’t Have A Strategy


Bitter Blue Betty@BitterBlueBetty 2h

In the future, If historians had to reconstruct the Bible from Facebook posts, they would think God to be a weak, moralistic hippy.


Wise Man Si@WiseManSi 2h

Life is short and temporary. Don’t stress just because you can’t get what you want. Love and appreciate what you have.


Bad Chruch Secretary@ChruchSecretary 31 Aug

I “reminded” the youth pastor he’s preaching tomorrow. He’ll be to embarrassed to ask around and find out he isn’t.


Church Curmudgeon@ChrchCurmudgeon 30 Aug

Decorating Committee is meeting about fall color scheme. Threat level: orange . . . no, brown! <mayhem ensues>



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