I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

  • Posted by Judson Phillips on September 28, 2013 at 8:21am in Tea Party Nation Forum

    With about forty days left before the election in Virginia for governor, everyone not only in Virginia but in America should know that Terry McAuliffe wants terrorist attacks in Virginia.

    That is a strong statement but the truth is the truth.

    Why does Terry McAuliffe want terrorist attacks in Virginia?

    Recently Terry McAuliffe pledged “Colorado style” gun control if he is elected governor of Virginia.  Virginia is one of the most Second Amendment friendly states in the nation.  It is an “open carry” state where gun owners may lawfully openly carry their firearms.

    But in Terry McAuliffe’s warped world, real Americans who own guns are the problem.  Terry McAuliffe is a multimillionaire, thanks to his political dealings.  He has more than enough money to hire men with guns to protect him or his family.  If he becomes governor, he will have armed guards for four years.

    What about real Americans?  Well as far as McAuliffe is concerned, they can go pound sand.

    Americans should be concerned about McAuliffe and the far left as they try to destroy Americans’ right to self-defense.

    If you follow news from sites other than the liberal mainstream media, you are probably aware of what happened to the hostages at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya.  If you aren’t, the Islamist terrorists who took over that mall singled out non-Muslims and sadistically tortured many of them.  The lucky ones were killed immediately.  The story is here.  (Warning, the story is very graphic)

    This is coming to America. 

    It is not a question if, it is a question of when.

    Investigators looking at the Westlake Mall are saying that attack was meticulously planned.  So was 9/11.  The FBI has done a good job of getting some local wannabe terrorists but honestly that is low hanging fruit.   Those guys are simply the amateur hour.

    Some day, terrorists are going to meticulously plan a terrorist attack against an American mall and with the help of Terry McAuliffe and the left they will succeed.

    Right now, in most states, terrorists would not have the success they had in Kenya.  Kenya is the left’s dream.  Kenya has draconian gun control that makes it all but impossible for a private citizen to own, much less carry their own weapon. 

    Right now, if terrorists tried a mall attack in Virginia or Texas or other parts of real America, they would find themselves quickly outnumbered and out gunned by American citizens. 

    But if Terry McAuliffe has his way, Americans will be just as defenseless as the poor people in the mall in Kenya were.

    America cannot afford liberals like Terry McAuliffe who will destroy our rights.  Out of state money has been pouring in to Virginia to support McAuliffe.  Ken Cuccinelli needs your support.  His website is here.

    This fight will not end in Virginia.  We must send a message.  In 2014, far left wing gun grabber Colorado governor John Hickenlooper will be up for reelection.  Colorado citizens recalled two Colorado state senators most responsible for the state’s new, draconian gun control laws.  But they will need to take the state house in 2014 to be able to restore gun rights to Colorado’s citizens.  Former Congressman Tom Tancredo is running for governor and he will need your help. 

    Perhaps one day someone can explain to me the liberal obsession with making everyone defenseless.  In the mean time, we don’t have time to understand their insanity. 

    This year and next, we must defeat them.

    Failure is not an option here.

    Because if we fail, we will see the horrors of another terrorist attack here in America.

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