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October 11, 2013

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star: Name of Jesus Too Hot for Television
Posted by Staff

In today’s television world, anything goes. We’ve seen shows about everything from sewage treatment, meat slaughtering, trash collection, and prostitution houses. Yet for all the unvarnished look at life that “reality” shows bring to viewers, there is one thing that is apparently too hot for television: praying to Jesus.

According to Phil Robertson, star of A&E’s mega-hit series “Duck Dynasty,” the producers of the cable program deliberately removed his and other family members’ references to Jesus in prayer.

Robertson revealed the censorship in an interview with small Christian sporting magazine called Sports Spectrum over a year ago. He also revealed that the editors of the show would insert fake beeps in the audio tracks to make it look like Robertson and his family were using profanities when, in fact, they were not.

“These people [the viewers] thought there was some profanity when there was zero,” he disclosed.


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