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We can thank Barack Obama.

Posted by Judson Phillips on October 22, 2013 at 7:18am in Tea Party Nation Forum

Thank Barack Obama?

Are we nuts?

There is one rule we should all live by.  Never complain about incompetent opposition.  They could get better.

Barack Obama has done something that we should be grateful for.

What is it?

Barack Obama and Bill Clinton are the only Democrats to win reelection in the last sixty years.  There are some comparisons between the two.  Perhaps we should be grateful that Bill Clinton is not in the White House because Amnesty would be a done deal if he were.

One of the major differences between Clinton and Obama is that Clinton loved the political process.  He would get in there, back slap, shake hands, cut deals and do what was necessary to push his programs through.

Obama is the world’s greatest narcissist.  He believes he is above all of that.  He proved that when he was first elected and the Republicans wanted compromise.  His response was, “I won.”

In the recent debt-ceiling showdown, Obama refused to compromise.  He knew the Republicans would cave and eventually they did.

But there were consequences to that.

Obama desperately wants Amnesty to pass.  He knows that if it does pass, the Democrats will control American government in perpetuity, much as the Democrats control Chicago.  He knows that if Amnesty is passed, it will forever change America from the land of liberty to just another mediocre nation saddled with the yoke of socialism.

Unfortunately for Obama, he needs the Republicans to pass Amnesty.   Many of the crony capitalist Republicans don’t care that Obama basically spit in their faces on the debt ceiling deal. They want to work with him on Amnesty. 

Why any Republican would support Amnesty right now is a mystery.  It is suicide for the nation and suicide for the Republican Party.

But Obama’s narcissism has caught up with him.

At least one important Republican in the House of Representatives is now saying no to Amnesty.

Texas Congressman Ted Poe, who is the Vice Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, is now saying he will not go along with any deal on immigration. 


He cites Obama’s winner take all strategy.

Poe points out that Obama has a simply philosophy.  Those who disagree with him must surrender.  In Obama’s world, compromise is what the other side does.  Barack Obama does not compromise.  That is beneath him.

Poe isn’t the only one.  Just a few days ago, Idaho Congressman Raul Labrador came out and said the obvious.  He said that Obama wanted to use Amnesty to destroy the Republican Party.

Republicans in the House of Representatives seem to be finally seeing the light.  Amnesty is a bad idea on general principles but with Barack Obama in the White House, it is a disaster.

As with everything else Obama does, it is not about policy or fairness.  The goal is always political.

Obama wants Amnesty because he knows it will destroy the Republican Party.  The fact that people like House Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor either don’t get it or purposefully ignore that is just another reason why they must go.

America is stuck with Barack Obama for another three years.  There is nothing we can do about that.   We are not stuck with John Boehner and Eric Cantor for another three.

Let’s not complain about incompetent leadership on the other side.  They could get better.  Meanwhile, let’s work on getting competent leadership on the conservative side. 

When they get better, America wins!

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