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Liberalism is sin

  • Posted by Judson Phillips on December 23, 2013 at 8:05am in Tea Party Nation Forum

    If you try to understand liberalism, you will either duct tape your head to keep it from exploding or end up with a serious drinking problem.

    Liberalism does not make sense.  That is, unless you understand one fundamental underpinning of liberalism.

    Liberalism is sin.

    Most people have an immediate reaction to that statement.  Either they support it or totally reject it based on the assumption it is a religious dissertation on liberalism. 

    It is not.  Religion has almost nothing to do with it.

    If religion has nothing to do with it, how is liberalism a sin?

    To understand why liberalism is a sin, there are a couple of concepts that must be understood.  First, the world as we know it is government by laws.  There are laws that govern science, math, economics and liberty. 

    These laws exist whether we like them or not.  And they may not be violated without consequences. 

    Sin is not just violating the laws of God.  It is violating the laws of nature. 

    Gravity is not just a good idea, it is the law.  If anyone doubts that, go jump from a tall building and you will quickly discover the penalty for violating the law of gravity.

    Economics has certain laws.  Even if economists cannot agree on a lot of things, there are certain rules that apply.  If you create too many dollars chasing too few products, you have inflation.  In other words, if there is a fiat currency, you cannot simply keep printing money.  If the laws of economics are violated, there is a disastrous result.  If the laws of economics are properly followed, the end result is prosperity.  Liberals love to sin against the laws of economics and the end result is always poverty.

    Nature has certain laws as well.  Most men and women want to form a family so they can create the next generation.  Destroy the incentive to create a family you end up with poverty and carnage.  Urban America is a classic example.  Government policy since 1965 has been to destroy the family in urban America. 

    What is the result?  In urban America you have huge pockets of poverty.  In urban America you have an abundance of crime.  Single parenthood is the surest ticket to poverty for a family and for the male children of the single mother, the chances of becoming a prison statistic increase astronomically.

    Liberalism as a sin is simply willfully violating the laws of God, man and nature. 

    People instinctively understand that you do not steal from your neighbor, kill another human being or harm an unborn child.  Liberals sever their reality from the base that gives our existence stability.

    Liberals take money from the targeted group and give it to the preferred group.  Liberals debase the currency so they can spend other people’s money.  Liberals have taken the language and twisted it apart from any meaning. 

    Liberals are like Humpty Dumpty in Through The Looking Glass. “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.”

    Liberals are like Humpty Dumpty.  Tolerance means you must accept whatever they do.  Fairness means benefits for the preferred class at the cost of the class that is not preferred.  Equality means taking wealth or rights from one and giving it to another.

    Conservatives joke about Barack Obama and his narcissism.  Yet, Obama is the ultimate expression of liberalism.  The liberal says behold I am the God of nature and nature’s laws, therefore  I am above nature’s laws.

    Liberals believe they can do anything they want without the consequences of the laws of nature.  They will do things mere mortals consider to be immoral and do so with impunity.  They violate the laws of economics, liberty and nature. 

    Unfortunately for the liberal there are far too often consequences. 

    Tragically, time after time, we see it is not just the liberal who pays for the sins of his arrogance. 

    The Bible says, “The wages of sin are death.”  Unfortunately for too many people, the wages of the sins of liberalism are poverty, tyranny and too often, mass murder.

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