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While Obama Sleeps

(IBD) While Obama Sleeps, Hezbollah Upgrades Missile Threat To Israel

War On Terror: As we ease sanctions on Tehran and worry about Israeli condos on the West Bank, Iran and Syria are helping Hezbollah import strategic weapons systems into Lebanon, targeting our closest Mideast ally.

When Hezbollah launched a war against Israel in 2006, the Iranian-created terrorist group sent a message to both Israel and the U.S. to watch their strategic back.

Any move against Tehran’s nuclear sites would be met by strikes against our Mideast interests not only from Iran, but from the territory of Lebanon, using that country as a launching pad and its people as human shields.

During that war, Hezbollah used weapons supplied by Iran and transported through Syria. Long-range rockets bombarded northern Israeli towns and villages, even reaching the Israeli port of Haifa. Since then, Hezbollah has replenished and expanded its stockpiles and is believed to have stored as many as 100,000 rockets and missiles of various types for a future offensive.

Through its creation of Hezbollah, Iran has transformed Lebanon into a satellite. Lebanese democracy is all but gone, with Hezbollah having obtained virtual veto power in the Lebanese Cabinet. Opposition to Syrian and Iranian influence has been dealt with by a campaign to decapitate the opposition’s leadership.

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