I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

  • Posted by Judson Phillips on February 17, 2014 at 7:57am in Tea Party Nation Forum

    If liberal policies are so good, why must they keep lying about them?

    That is the one devastating question liberals cannot deal with.  The cold hard truth is simple.  Liberals lie about their policies because they don’t work.  They lie about their goals because people don’t want their goals.

    Barack Obama is lying again.  This one is a whopper.  And it has a huge impact on America.

    What is it?

    This past Friday, Barack Obama went to California to talk about the great drought that is hitting parts of California, specifically the Central Valley area.

    Obama went to lie about global warming.  For the left, global warming is their holy litany.  Global warming is a lie.  But it is the lie they use to advance their real goal, which is more government control over people.

    The Central Valley is home to a $45 billion a year agriculture industry that employees many people and gives America food choices year around. 

    The Central Valley of California was not always an agricultural paradise.  Instead, last century, water was piped into the Central Valley, allowing for irrigation and the creation of farms and agriculture in California’s temperate climate.

    All was well until 2007, when a Federal Judge ruled that because there was an obscure fish called the Delta Smelt that was “endangered,” water would have to be rerouted to protect this fish.

    What that means is this.

    Water that went to millions of people and hundreds if not thousands of farms was instead directed into the San Francisco bay.  Billions of gallons of freshwater were simply wasted.

    The result was predictable.  Without enough water to irrigate, the land could not be worked and it has slowly turned into a dustbowl. 

    Obama went to California on Friday and he went to do what he does best. 

    He lied.

    He blamed California’s problems on the great myth of “global warming.”  Instead of offering real solutions, he offered welfare.

    The people of California don’t want welfare.  They want their farms back.

    The Republican led House of Representatives has passed a bill to reverse the Federal Judge’s ruling and allow water to flow back into the Central Valley.  Democrats, who never let a crisis go to waste, have fought the Republicans at every step as they try to restore water to the Central Valley.

    Democrats have a policy they put into effect against every conservative proposal.  Either the policy is perfect and they are the arbiters of what is perfect or if it is not, then the Democrat policy must be used, no matter how bad that policy is.

    It is time we turn the tables.

    We don’t even have to insist on perfection.

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