I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

When Barack Obama whines to the American people, it is a collection violation of the peoples’ rights against cruel and unusual punishments. 

America could be given a choice. We could either listen to Obama or have a root canal without anesthetic.  That root canal looks like an attractive option. 

The Obamas whine and the media dutifully reports it.  When the Obamas become hypocrites, the media dutifully doesn’t report it.

Now we have a glaring example of the Obamas hypocrisy and we are seeing the silence of the dutiful media.

What is it?

While Barack and Michelle Obama whine to America about so-called “income inequality,” they live like royalty on the backs of the American taxpayers. 

Michelle Obama is taking her third vacation of the year.  This one is clumsily disguised as a “state visit” by Michelle Obama.  She’s taking her daughters and her mother and hitting mostly tourist sites.  Interestingly enough, who isn’t going?  The media.

That’s right, Obama’s praetorian guard, the media was given the boot. Their response is they aren’t covering the trip which is exactly what the Obamas wanted.

Some media is.  The UK media, which has never been under the Obama spell has been quit happy to report that the Obamas are staying in a suite that costs $8300 a night!  And Michelle Obama’s mother is pretty much acting like royalty and haranguing the staff.

A few nights in that hotel costs more than what most real Americans make in a year.  But does anyone think that inequality bothers the Obamas?  Remember Michelle Obama was never proud of her country until she could take luxury vacations with Americans picking up the tab.

But here is the question none of the media will dare ask. 

If the Obamas are so concerned about “Income Inequality,” why don’t they start acting like it.  Economists tell us the true cost of something is not what we pay for it but what we give up in order to have it.  This is called “Opportunity cost.”

What has America given up in order to give egomanical, self absorbed, totally unfit woman and her children a vacation that probably costs well in excess of $100 million?

Assuming the money was going to be spent anyway, which with the Obama Regime, that is a certainty, the money could have gone to ten thousand full ride scholarships for in state students at public universities. 

That is just one example.

What did Michelle Obama do to deserve being treated like a queen?

Not a damn thing.

Unfortunately while millions of real Americans suffer through the fifth year of the Great Obama Depression, an insufferable former lawyer gets to ride in the lap of luxury with the American taxpayer picking up the tab.

The next time the Obamas want to whine about income inequality, it would be nice if the media called them out on their double standards.  It would be great if the media would call them out for living like royalty.

But then again, the media is cheering for them, not us.

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