I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

“Little Things”

When I was going overseas in 1967 I was given a pocket New Testament. I won’t say that I read it a lot but it traveled with me wherever I went and I still have it. It traveled with me to Thailand, Guam Okinawa and Plattsburgh and finally to Waterford. I pulled it out once in a while to thumb through it and still do that to this day. It may not have been my preferred reading all these years but it somehow inspired me to be a better Christian and to try to go to church more regularly – like that Mustard Seed. It was a small thing, given to me by Rev Dean (one of my mothers relatives) but sometimes it is these small things that make a difference in our lives. I haven’t seen a small pocket New Testament in a very long time other than mine and wonder if doing “small things” has become a lost art. I hope not as it has made a difference in my life; I wonder how many other lives can we touch by practicing doing some small things for them.


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