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Liberal Colleges

From Chicks on the Right website.

Written by  Daisy

Wednesday, 05/07/2014 – 08:42 am EST

Behold – What Our Institutions Of Higher Education Have Become…

A UC-Santa Barbara student is alleging that during her first day of class last fall, her black studies professor named Otis Madison “warned any Ted Cruz-supporting ‘tea baggers’ to get the hell out of his classroom before he sent them home to their mother in a body bag.”  This apparently happened during a course called “The Obama Phenomenon.”

Alice Gilbert was the student who recalled this incident, and she’s speaking out in The College Fix. She’s one of many who’s starting to come forward and talk about their experiences as conservatives in American universities, where conservatism definitely isn’t cool. And evidently, it’s not just the students who preach that narrative.

Anyone remember when college campuses were supposed to be the places for free thought, tolerance, diversity, open discussion, and LEARNING?  Anyone?

While nothing shocks me anymore in this country, I find this sort of treatment in our universities sickening.  Before I became a full-time Chick on the Right, I used to teach at the university level part-time, in addition to my full time day job, and my students NEVER knew what my political affiliation was.  It simply wasn’t any of their business, and it wasn’t my job to tell them. 

It was my job to teach them the subject at hand. 

For some odd reason, many liberals don’t understand that concept.  They don’t understand how to keep their personal feelings – and prejudices – out of the classrooms.  They seem to have a real issue focusing on DOING THE JOBS THEY’RE BEING PAID TO DO.  It’s becoming a very obvious, huge problem in our universities.

And it’s the reason I wonder on a daily basis whether or not my four-year old daughter will even go to college one day. If she’s not going to come out with a tangible set of skills, God knows that she, her father, and I are not going to shell out 100-grand+ for her to spend four years getting her head filled with a bunch of useless liberal crap that won’t give her any return on her investment.   

Universities should pay attention to that sentiment, actually, because I’m not the only conservative who feels this way, I’m not the only conservative who’s sick of this crap, and I’m definitely not the only conservative who is willing to NOT give money to many universities because they’re obvious liberal indoctrination centers. 

In other words, we’re onto you.  And we’re out here busting our asses and writing checks, too.  So just keep that in mind, universities, because someone’s gotta pay your bills, right?


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