I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

Hashtag Activism

From Sean Hannity Daily Newsletter

The saga continues in the case of the captured Nigerian girls who were abducted by the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram. A video has been released, proclaiming that the girls had converted to Islam and shows the girls praying to Allah. The terrorists claim that the girls will be released if Islamic militant prisoners are freed.
Over the weekend, First Lady Michelle Obama used the presidential weekly address to make a statement surrounding the Nigerian school girls. She invoked her own girls, stating, “In these girls, Barack and I see our own daughters.” Last week Michelle Obama tweeted a picture of herself holding up a sign with the hashtag “BringBackOurGirls.” The hashtag has gone viral, with various leaders, celebrities and activists tweeting similar pictures of support.
I’ve explained the failure of Hillary Clinton’s State Department to accurately designate this group as a terrorist organization, rooted in radical, violent Islamic extremism. But our government is so reluctant to label radical Islam as a driving force behind terrorism and violence that it may be hindering our ability to clearly asses threats throughout the world.
Hashtags aren’t going to save these abducted Nigerian girls. Standing up to, and killing these terrorists will


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