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Presbyterians vs Isreal

The Presbeyterian Church has now come to a decision to divest its holdings in companies that do business with Israel. Netanyahu in his poised way, spells it out. There is no place in the Middle East that a Christian of any sort could live or visit safely or easily with the exception of the State of Isreal. But let’s not confuse the Presbyterians with the facts.

Note:  I personally am having a big problem with things coming out of the PC(USA) general assembly and frankly may just have to end my life long affiliation with them.

My Church and Me

I have been a lifelong member of the Presbyterian Church, growing up in St John’s in Tampa.   In recent years though the church has become increasingly liberal and moved away from the Bible.  I admit I am not a strong Bible reader but I do have my opinions and beliefs.   I am not totally against gay marriage in a civil ceremony but the church should not be changing their values according to the surrounding society;  if you keep changing your beliefs then you really don’t have any values, you are just going with the flow.   At the latest General Assembly the PC(USA) also voted to divest from any company supporting Israel and that is just wrong.   The final straw I now find out that they – well here it is from the Layman website:

Delegates meeting in Detroit at the 221st General Assembly of the 1.8 million–member Presbyterian Church (USA) voted down a measure that would have the church endorse care for babies born alive after abortions.

I am having a really hard time justifying my staying with the Presbyterian church and am struggling with this issue.  Right now I am listening to a sermon given by the pastor of Temple Baptist Church in Halfmoon.  There is another church in my community – the Weslyan Church and I will be looking at their website to see what their  beliefs are.  

Republican Candidates

If took a poll on line about who I would like to see as the next Republican candidate.  Out of all of them each person chose 2.  Here are the top picks so far – I would  vote for any of them.

Ben Carson  24%

Ted Cruz  20%

Rand Paul  13%

Allen West  11%

Sarah Palin  7 %

Note: Anyone else on the ticket and I just might not vote at all;  I want a real Conservative and not a Liberal lite.

Washington Redskins

If this team does not give in to this insane pressure to change their name then I will make Washington my new favorite NFL team.  And my Buccaneers will slip down to number 2.   Political Correctness is out of control and people in this country have to start saying “NO”.   Just don’t do it and eventually we can turn this thing around.

PC(USA) I wonder about my denomination

PC(USA) is getting smaller every year.    Churches deciding to leave and go to other denominations.  I see a couple things that I think play a part of it and the first one is that my Presbyterian church is getting more and more liberal, changing as our ever evolving society changes and becomes loser with our morals and values.  If  you keep changing  because of those groups that don’t want to sacrifice their feel good lifestyle then you really have no moral standards.   The Bible doesn’t say that this is a sin but if everyone else if doing it it is ok . . . it says it is a sin period. 

I don’t know if I can explain this properly but here goes.  The denomination the last few years is spending so much time evangelizing to specific groups and minorities that it is forgotten about the rest of us who have been part of them all along.  Jesus didn’t say to preach to certain groups, he reached out to “everyone” and brought them in. 

With that said I have looked at other denominations but I am comfortable with my church and would hate to leave but on the other hand I have tried out other religions so that is not off the table. 

IRS and Lost E-Mail

Although I don’t read and study like I used to I am surprised that I haven’t heard anyone mention that every IT department in the world backs up their data on a daily basis and would be able to restore the computer to the state it was in prior to the lost hard drive.   

Religion from Twitter

I’m ur huckleberry @jeanniemcbride · 1h

Liberals want religious freedom for ALL religions…..
except Christianity.


I’m ur huckleberry @jeanniemcbride · 1h

muslims kill homosexuals…yet Liberals promote homosexuality and muslims? Seems a contradiction.


Rick Warren @RickWarren · 1h

Jesus demands that, as his follower, I must love everyone and treat with dignity-even those who reject what God commands.


Dupree @rae_india · 3h

Just because u have won a single battle w/temptation doesnt mean u will overcome the next. We need 2B constantly watchful against temptation


Great Advice From Twitter:

Duke Hergatt

Bible : blessings to those who bless the Jew. Koran: blessings to those who curse the Jew. Bible: equality for women. Koran: superiority of men. Bible: evangelize by love, truth and benevolence. Koran: evangelize by the sword. Bible: sanctity of life. Koran: sanctity of death. Bible: love your enemies. Koran: kill your enemies. I choose the Bible!

Chelsea Clinton

From Chick on the Right

Saturday, 06/14/2014 – 08:54 am EST

Chelsea Clinton Made Lots Of Money For Her “Special Correspondence.”

Written by  Mockarena

According to this, Chelsea Clinton was paid SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS ANNUALLY by NBC News between November of 2011 and just a few months ago.

$600,000 USD, y’all.

I don’t even remember her being ON NBC News, but apparently she was a “special correspondent” for them, which means she worked on “service-related feature assignments” for Brian Williams’ show “Rock Center with Brian Williams,” until that was canceled in June of 2013, and since then she’s worked on “packages” for NBC Nightly News.

In other words, she was like a reeeeeeeeeeeeeally well paid glorified intern.

In addition to that, her ACTUAL job has been working at her parents’ foundation, for which I’m sure she’s paid equally handsomely.

NBC hired Chelsea, it should be noted, at a salary of 600k, even though she didn’t have a LICK of experience in journalism. But what does NBC care about Actual Journalism, right? Pfffft.

And look – I don’t begrudge anyone making a lot of money.  I just find it amusing that NBC News had to dig that deep to pay someone with absolutely no experience to do absolutely nothing memorable whatsoever.

Maybe Chelsea can help her parents out next time they’re “dead broke and in debt.”


Church Stuff

It seems like every week there is something family related going on that prevents me from going to church – this week I have to pick up clams at 9:30 Sunday morning for a fathers day steam thing.  Saying I don’t want to do something because I want to go to church would cause more problems than I want to deal with – did that once probably 30 years ago and haven’t done it since.    I think I will just try to get to Bible study and our Thursday Prayer and Praise meeting to take up the slack in my church going.    This is married life when only one member is a church goer. . . . oh well.

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