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Chelsea Clinton

From Chick on the Right

Saturday, 06/14/2014 – 08:54 am EST

Chelsea Clinton Made Lots Of Money For Her “Special Correspondence.”

Written by  Mockarena

According to this, Chelsea Clinton was paid SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS ANNUALLY by NBC News between November of 2011 and just a few months ago.

$600,000 USD, y’all.

I don’t even remember her being ON NBC News, but apparently she was a “special correspondent” for them, which means she worked on “service-related feature assignments” for Brian Williams’ show “Rock Center with Brian Williams,” until that was canceled in June of 2013, and since then she’s worked on “packages” for NBC Nightly News.

In other words, she was like a reeeeeeeeeeeeeally well paid glorified intern.

In addition to that, her ACTUAL job has been working at her parents’ foundation, for which I’m sure she’s paid equally handsomely.

NBC hired Chelsea, it should be noted, at a salary of 600k, even though she didn’t have a LICK of experience in journalism. But what does NBC care about Actual Journalism, right? Pfffft.

And look – I don’t begrudge anyone making a lot of money.  I just find it amusing that NBC News had to dig that deep to pay someone with absolutely no experience to do absolutely nothing memorable whatsoever.

Maybe Chelsea can help her parents out next time they’re “dead broke and in debt.”



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