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Happiest Cities in the United States

All five of the happiest cities in the country are in one state, and all the worst have one thing in common

By Joshua Riddle on July 25, 2014

God-fearing places like Louisiana are happy as a pig in a peach orchard.  Meanwhile, places controlled by Democrats are miserable.  Progressivism/socialism destroys everything it touches.

From IJ Review:


Some might suspect that they’re just putting something in the water, but the five happiest cities in America are all in the same state: Louisiana. Those cities are Lafayette, Houma, Shreveport-Bossier City, Baton Rouge, and Alexandria.

The Northeast and one city in the Midwest did not fare too well: Scranton, Erie, and Pittsburgh, PA, Gary, IN, and New York City were found to be the top five unhappiest cities. Nearly all of the unhappiest places in the nation lean heavily Democratic when it comes to voting.

This should surprise no one.  Maybe those Duck Dynasty guys are onto something?

Liberals still attacking Sarah Palin

You won’t believe why the liberal media is calling Sarah Palin a ‘bad mom’ this time…

By Hannah Bleau on July 24, 2014 in Media

The liberal media has been determined to destroy Sarah Palin since her national political debut as McCain’s running mate for the 2008 presidential election. Liberals are threatened by any successful conservative women because they destroy their bogus narrative. Women are supposed to be whiney, helpless victims demanding society to pay them back for, well, being women. They take any chance to ruin her life. This shows just how pathetic they are.

From Townhall:

In case you didn’t know, TMZ is a paparazzi entertainment show that follows celebrities as they walk out of restaurants, get into their cars, or buy a cup of coffee. It is not a real news source. Case in point, on Wednesday these “reporters” proved just how sad their profession is. After airing a segment that showed footage of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin getting a speeding ticket in Wasilla, Alaska, the TMZ staff started demeaning her for no reason, according to Breitbart:

But then it quickly turned ugly, when, without justification, the staffers launched into a nasty, random, name-calling attack. One staff member exclaimed out of nowhere, “She’s a bitch.” Another chimed in, saying, “She’s a really bad mom,” while another added, “She’s a horrible mom.”

A third concluded, “She’s not evil. She’s too dumb to be good or evil.”

Liberals need to get over it. Sarah Palin is living proof that women can have it all. A woman can raise a lovely family, have an awesome career and make liberals squirm. Now that’s female empowerment I can get on board with.

Breaking News

Brain eating Zombies invade the White House and die of starvation!

Saw that on Twitter and loved it so much I thought I would share it. . . .

Israel: Time for John Kerry to Go Home

Conservative Tribune


President Barack Obama seems to believe his own press: that he can fix any problem, solve any crisis, bring peace where none exists, if only people would do what he says. What’s worse, members of his administration seem to have come to believe the same thing.

This is despite the clear evidence to the contrary. America’s border crisis grows worse daily. Obamacare is at risk of being gutted by the Supreme Court.

This administration’s Common Core educational standards have been rejected by state after state. Russia’s aggression shows no sign of abating while Obama is in the Oval Office. The middle east is in flames.

Nonetheless, in a direct reflection of Obama’s domestic overreach, now Secretary of State John Kerry is sticking his nose into an Israeli peace process to which he has not been invited and at which he is not welcome.

Kerry and Obama continue to seek a cease-fire despite the terrible consequences such a truce would imply for Israel, one of America’s strongest allies. Even Israelis with a reputation as peace-makers recognize that a cease-fire with a group that has vowed to push Israel into the sea makes no sense for the Jewish state. Breitbart cites a Jerusalem Post article in which Israeli Minister of Justice Tzipi Livni, known as anything but an anti-Islamic hardliner, explained, “Hamas is not close to a cease-fire in terms of its conditions.”

Israel’s purpose in its current Gaza Strip operations is the destruction of the tunnel network used by the radical Islamic terrorist of Hamas to smuggle weapons that it then uses in its attempts to kill Israelis. A cease-fire at this point would only allow Hamas to re-group, re-arm, re-build, and re-launch its own terror operations at a time of its own choosing.

Kerry has claimed that America supports Israel’s right to self-defense, but it is difficult to reconcile that statement with his current calls for a cease-fire based on a 1992 agreement, or how he thinks that a cease-fire is in Israeli or American interests.

It is not difficult, however, to understand how, as a former Israeli ambassador to the U.S. recently said, “the Obama administration had come to be seen as a hindrance, not a help, in Israel’s diplomatic efforts.”

The Obama administration hinders essentially everything it touches. Why should the Israeli peace process be any different?

“True Blood” makes an episode bashing Ted Cruz, Ted’s response is legendary

By Joshua Riddle on July 22, 2014 in Entertainment

HBO’s show “True Blood” showing how classless they are.  Reminds me of the time Game of Thrones put George Bush’s head on a stick.

Ted Cruz posted this on his Facebook page in response.

Tell me this is not evil!

From Brutally Honest –

“Tell me this is not evil.”

Laura Ben-David is making a tremendous amount of sense to me… I’d like to know if she’s making sense to you and if not, why not… please be specific:

It’s time to make a choice: which side are YOU on? I’m not talking about Jews and Arabs, lefties or righties, two-state solution vs. one-state solution. I’m talking about the very basics: Good vs. Evil

Everyone, even the youngest child, understands the fundamental differences between good and evil. It is represented in our literature, in our history books, in our philosophies; we have fought it on the battlefields of war, and in the battlefields of our minds. Often it is the very presence of evil that makes goodness so clear-cut. More often than not, however, there are murky shades of grey that make every side simultaneously wrong and right.

Fortunately – or quite unfortunately, depending on how you look at it – the mask concealing evil in our time is being removed, making it quite easy to discern. It presents us with a moral choice: Evil or fighting Evil. There is no neutral. To be neutral, silent, impartial… is to choose Evil by default. Allowing Evil to flourish in our midst by abstaining from acting against it is no better than taking an active part in it. So, I’m afraid, you must choose.

How can I be so sure? After all, what is really so black and white in the world? Hasn’t the Israeli/Palestinian conflict been ongoing for years? Do I really think that my way is so perfectly pristine? So, the answer is no. I don’t think ‘my way’ is perfectly pristine. And, in fact, this is not even ABOUT the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

This is about Hamas. And Hamas is evil. Did you catch that? Hamas. Is. Evil. There is nothing murky or grey. Read their charter. They don’t even pretend to be something different. They call for the destruction of Israel, and the murder of Jews.

It’s actually quite fascinating – and terrifying – to read through their charter. Lines such as:

Israel will rise…until Islam eliminates it…

and this pearl:

There is no solution to the Palestinian problem except by Jihad.

The part about eliminating Israel is not a minor detail, a secondary clause… it IS the charter. Thirty-six articles and it’s entirely about the goal of destroying, eradicating Israel. If it weren’t so deadly serious I might have chuckled at the part about B’nai Brith being a ‘destructive spying organization’… blaming such clandestine efforts such as the establishment of the United Nations in part on this ‘rogue’ organization.

But perhaps I have not made myself clear… Let’s take a look at what’s happening:

There are those who are comparing Israel to Nazis; that we are committing genocide to the Arab population in Gaza. Nothing is further from the truth or more ridiculous. NEVER BEFORE has an army taken such extreme precautions NOT to kill civilians, and this is with Hamas trying to foil our attempts at saving their citizens’ lives through the use of human shields.

We call them, text them, send SMSes… we practically sabotage all of our own efforts to actually hit what we’re aiming for just to save lives. We value life more than anything; ours and theirs.

How does Hamas respond? By telling people to ignore the warnings. By telling people to remain where they are.  By keeping them in the line of fire. Hamas philosophy is that either we will not fire because of the people, thereby protecting whatever weapons or other target the IDF is aiming for, or we will fire and Hamas will claim ‘genocide’.

Tell me this is not evil.

I recommend you read the entire piece.  I then recommend that when you encounter those who blindly support the Palestinian cause, you ask them what they think about Hamas’ charter.  Ask them if they’ve read it and if not, why not.  Give them a link to it.  Be calm and reasonable about it.  Then ask them to get back to you after they’ve read it.  It should speak profoundly to the rational.

Ms. Ben-David nails this whole thing in my view.  Hamas’ and what they stand for is evil.  There’s no two ways about it.

They are evil.

And if someone can’t see this, then that someone is contributing to the problem… and when you contribute to the problem of evil, purposely and wilfully, your soul is in deep, very deep, poop.

‘Sexiest Woman In The World’ Megan Fox Has A Refreshing Take On Pregnancy And Motherhood

By Caroline Schaeffer

With a resumé including once being dubbed FHM‘s “Sexiest Woman In The World” and star of the “Transformers” series, 28-year-old Megan Fox would not be the obvious choice for being a spokeswoman for mothers.

However, in an interview with Cosmo, the superstar, who has two children with actor husband Brian Austin Green, spoke about how her “role” as mother comes first. Newsbusters reports:

When [writer Laurie] Sandell asked if pregnancy was “hot or not?” Fox replied with “hot.” “You are creating a life inside you,” she said, “who will become a person who will change the course of history, no matter what they do.”

Continuing her praise of pregnancy, Fox told Sandell “there’s a power that comes with having a child” because “you’ve done something incredible that no man could ever do or understand.”

“I’m grateful for my career, but I also resent it because it takes me away from the thing I feel I’m meant to be doing,” she admitted. At another point, she disclosed, “Once you become a mother, especially a working mother, you feel like you can never give enough of yourself.”

Another issue Fox considered “hot”? Monogamy. “There’s no other option. You can’t be in a relationship without monogamy,” she expressed.

What a refreshing and unexpected take on motherhood and marriage coming from Hollywood. Fox’s commitment to her children and her marriage will pay dividends decades after her career is over.

20 Examples of What Liberalism REALLY Is

John Hawkins | Jul 19, 2014

1) Liberalism is college professors and documentary filmmakers accumulating vast fortunes in a capitalistic system by decrying the evils of capitalism.

2) Liberalism is claiming that the “border is secure” while saying we shouldn’t deport anyone who illegally crosses the border.

3) Liberalism is “environmental activists” flying across the world to ride together in SUVs to posh environmental conferences where they call for everyone else to live like cavemen in order to save the planet.

4) Liberalism is spewing hatred and profanity at conservative women, calling for gun control that leaves women defenseless against rapists and murderers, and celebrating misogynistic pigs like Bill Clinton while accusing OTHER PEOPLE of being engaged in a “war on women.”

5) Liberalism is people who say that asking for voter ID is racist while claiming that black Americans are too uniquely stupid and lazy to get an ID.

6) Liberalism is forcibly taking money you don’t deserve from the people who earned it and calling THEM greedy for not wanting to give you even more.

7) Liberalism is saying that the government should confiscate guns from NRA members and kill them if they resist and then claiming that you have no idea why they think that they need guns to defend themselves.

8) Liberalism is people who sneer at displays of the American flag, tell the world America isn’t exceptional, and criticize the country non-stop while getting offended if their patriotism is questioned.

9) Liberalism is calling for higher taxes while you cheat on your own taxes.

10) Liberalism is bitter, race-obsessed people who see EVERYTHING in racial terms, accusing OTHER PEOPLE of being racists.

11) Liberalism is saying you’re for “choice” because you support abortion while opposing giving Americans choices about their health care, schools, whether they want to bake cakes for gay weddings, or even the light bulbs they have in their house.

12) Liberalism is calling everyone who disagrees with you a racist, bigoted, homophobic Nazi and then calling OTHER PEOPLE hateful.

13) Liberalism is considering yourself compassionate for wanting to forcibly confiscate other people’s money to give away to constituent groups you hope will vote for you in exchange for the loot.

14) Liberalism is saying George W. Bush is a monkey who started the war in Iraq to “steal their oil” while becoming furious if anyone criticizes Obama.

15) Liberalism is pretending that Christians are dangerous while radical Islamists chanting “Death to America” and advocating Sharia law are harmless little lambs.

16) Liberalism is calling for guns to be taken away from Americans while you’re protected by armed guards.

17) Liberalism is millionaires who have more money than they could spend in a lifetime railing against the horrors of “income inequality.”

18) Liberalism is “animal rights activists” who eat meat and wear leather shoes screaming profanity at women who hunt.

19) Liberalism is black pundits who got their jobs solely because they’re black and willing to call other people racists going on TV and claiming that white gas station attendants and fast food workers are benefitting from “privilege” because of their race.

20) Liberalism is thinking of yourself as an independent, open-minded free thinker for mindlessly parroting whatever the Democrat Party line is on every issue.

Planned Parenthoods New Low

WTH? Planned Parenthood Suggests ‘Pooping’ on Partner for Teen ‘Sexual Exploration’

By Katie Yoder | July 17, 2014

Just because the folks at Planned Parenthood don’t really do mammograms with the tax dollars they get doesn’t mean they’re not experts in some things. Take, for example, the Planned Parenthood counselor who told what she thought was a 15-year-old girl about the sexy side of defecating.

Pro-life advocacy group Live Action released a second investigative video on July 15 showing what Planned Parenthood “counselors” teach minors in the name of “sex-ed”: sexual bondage and sadomasochism, and steering them to sex stores to “get educated.” In the latest video, a Colorado counselor told the Live Action investigator (posing as a minor) that “sexual exploration is normal” – and went so far as to suggest defecating and urinating on men as an option. Really. Only conservative media found the film worth reporting. Video Below.

According to the counselor, “sexual exploration” is “normal” and “can be really fun.” For ideas to imitate, she referenced “50 Shades of Grey” as well as porn. She even offered some creative techniques of her own: “There are so many different fetishes out there” she stressed. “Like, some guys like for women to urinate on them” or “pooping.”

As the latest installment of the investigative series “SexEd: Planned Parenthood’s Dangerous Sex Advice for Kids,” the video continued the message of the first: defund Planned Parenthood. Live Action’s new campaign asks Americans to sign a petition to halt the $500 million per year in taxpayer money that funds Planned Parenthood.

This particular Colorado clinic received additional taxpayer funding for teen sex education through Obamacare.

In response, Live Action requested Colorado residents contact local officials. “Parents need to get on the phone right now,” Live Action President Lila Rose stressed, “and ask their principals and superintendents, ‘Do you have a relationship with Planned Parenthood? Are you okay with this sort of behavior being pushed on my children?’”

During a “Hannity” interview on July 15, Rose elaborated on Planned Parenthood: “Their interest is not protecting these girls. Their interest is abortion and in pushing a sexual ideology – a sexology – that’s very destructive and dangerous on our teenagers.” 

As far as coverage, conservative media rushed to report on the story, including Hot Air, The Daily Signal, The Blaze, The Daily Caller, Breitbart, Jill Stanek’s blog, LifeNews, LifeSiteNews, Christian Post, and Town Hall.

The liberal media remained silent. A search of Nexis showed that how the (usually outspoken) liberal-leaning news outlets as well as the three broadcast networks offered no commentary on Planned Parenthood’s latest sex “education” lesson to American teenagers.

— Katie Yoder is Staff Writer, Joe and Betty Anderlik Fellow in Culture and Media at the Media Research Center. Follow Katie Yoder on Twitter.

Tom Hanks Explains Why Typewriters Are Making a Comeback

By Alex Marin

Here’s why you shouldn’t get rid of your parents’ typewriter just yet.

Tom Hanks loved typewriters before they were cool. 

The multiple award-winning actor, who even wrote a love letter to them for the New York Times, admitted, “the tactile pleasure of typing old school is incomparable to what you get from a de rigueur laptop.” He also believes “the sound of typing is one reason to own a vintage manual typewriter” and that “there is [a] sheer physical pleasure of typing.”

And now, there might be a new reason why some are giving this romantic instrument a second look.  

Tom shared an article from the Guardian that says German politicians are considering a return to using manual typewriters for “sensitive documents,” due to concerns related to online surveillance and espionage.

And the Germans aren’t the first ones. Back in 2013, Russia’s Federal Guard Service (FSO), which is in charge of safeguarding Kremlin communications, said that a return to typewriters was in the works due to the publication of secret documents by whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks. 

So in addition to the tactile pleasure of typing, those concerned with online privacy may now find a strong ally in the Tom Hanks-approved old-school typewriter. 

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