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President Barack Obama seems to believe his own press: that he can fix any problem, solve any crisis, bring peace where none exists, if only people would do what he says. What’s worse, members of his administration seem to have come to believe the same thing.

This is despite the clear evidence to the contrary. America’s border crisis grows worse daily. Obamacare is at risk of being gutted by the Supreme Court.

This administration’s Common Core educational standards have been rejected by state after state. Russia’s aggression shows no sign of abating while Obama is in the Oval Office. The middle east is in flames.

Nonetheless, in a direct reflection of Obama’s domestic overreach, now Secretary of State John Kerry is sticking his nose into an Israeli peace process to which he has not been invited and at which he is not welcome.

Kerry and Obama continue to seek a cease-fire despite the terrible consequences such a truce would imply for Israel, one of America’s strongest allies. Even Israelis with a reputation as peace-makers recognize that a cease-fire with a group that has vowed to push Israel into the sea makes no sense for the Jewish state. Breitbart cites a Jerusalem Post article in which Israeli Minister of Justice Tzipi Livni, known as anything but an anti-Islamic hardliner, explained, “Hamas is not close to a cease-fire in terms of its conditions.”

Israel’s purpose in its current Gaza Strip operations is the destruction of the tunnel network used by the radical Islamic terrorist of Hamas to smuggle weapons that it then uses in its attempts to kill Israelis. A cease-fire at this point would only allow Hamas to re-group, re-arm, re-build, and re-launch its own terror operations at a time of its own choosing.

Kerry has claimed that America supports Israel’s right to self-defense, but it is difficult to reconcile that statement with his current calls for a cease-fire based on a 1992 agreement, or how he thinks that a cease-fire is in Israeli or American interests.

It is not difficult, however, to understand how, as a former Israeli ambassador to the U.S. recently said, “the Obama administration had come to be seen as a hindrance, not a help, in Israel’s diplomatic efforts.”

The Obama administration hinders essentially everything it touches. Why should the Israeli peace process be any different?

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