I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

From Brutally Honest –

“Tell me this is not evil.”

Laura Ben-David is making a tremendous amount of sense to me… I’d like to know if she’s making sense to you and if not, why not… please be specific:

It’s time to make a choice: which side are YOU on? I’m not talking about Jews and Arabs, lefties or righties, two-state solution vs. one-state solution. I’m talking about the very basics: Good vs. Evil

Everyone, even the youngest child, understands the fundamental differences between good and evil. It is represented in our literature, in our history books, in our philosophies; we have fought it on the battlefields of war, and in the battlefields of our minds. Often it is the very presence of evil that makes goodness so clear-cut. More often than not, however, there are murky shades of grey that make every side simultaneously wrong and right.

Fortunately – or quite unfortunately, depending on how you look at it – the mask concealing evil in our time is being removed, making it quite easy to discern. It presents us with a moral choice: Evil or fighting Evil. There is no neutral. To be neutral, silent, impartial… is to choose Evil by default. Allowing Evil to flourish in our midst by abstaining from acting against it is no better than taking an active part in it. So, I’m afraid, you must choose.

How can I be so sure? After all, what is really so black and white in the world? Hasn’t the Israeli/Palestinian conflict been ongoing for years? Do I really think that my way is so perfectly pristine? So, the answer is no. I don’t think ‘my way’ is perfectly pristine. And, in fact, this is not even ABOUT the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

This is about Hamas. And Hamas is evil. Did you catch that? Hamas. Is. Evil. There is nothing murky or grey. Read their charter. They don’t even pretend to be something different. They call for the destruction of Israel, and the murder of Jews.

It’s actually quite fascinating – and terrifying – to read through their charter. Lines such as:

Israel will rise…until Islam eliminates it…

and this pearl:

There is no solution to the Palestinian problem except by Jihad.

The part about eliminating Israel is not a minor detail, a secondary clause… it IS the charter. Thirty-six articles and it’s entirely about the goal of destroying, eradicating Israel. If it weren’t so deadly serious I might have chuckled at the part about B’nai Brith being a ‘destructive spying organization’… blaming such clandestine efforts such as the establishment of the United Nations in part on this ‘rogue’ organization.

But perhaps I have not made myself clear… Let’s take a look at what’s happening:

There are those who are comparing Israel to Nazis; that we are committing genocide to the Arab population in Gaza. Nothing is further from the truth or more ridiculous. NEVER BEFORE has an army taken such extreme precautions NOT to kill civilians, and this is with Hamas trying to foil our attempts at saving their citizens’ lives through the use of human shields.

We call them, text them, send SMSes… we practically sabotage all of our own efforts to actually hit what we’re aiming for just to save lives. We value life more than anything; ours and theirs.

How does Hamas respond? By telling people to ignore the warnings. By telling people to remain where they are.  By keeping them in the line of fire. Hamas philosophy is that either we will not fire because of the people, thereby protecting whatever weapons or other target the IDF is aiming for, or we will fire and Hamas will claim ‘genocide’.

Tell me this is not evil.

I recommend you read the entire piece.  I then recommend that when you encounter those who blindly support the Palestinian cause, you ask them what they think about Hamas’ charter.  Ask them if they’ve read it and if not, why not.  Give them a link to it.  Be calm and reasonable about it.  Then ask them to get back to you after they’ve read it.  It should speak profoundly to the rational.

Ms. Ben-David nails this whole thing in my view.  Hamas’ and what they stand for is evil.  There’s no two ways about it.

They are evil.

And if someone can’t see this, then that someone is contributing to the problem… and when you contribute to the problem of evil, purposely and wilfully, your soul is in deep, very deep, poop.

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